Often our furry friends take up humongous space in our hearts and sometimes we don’t know how to express our exploding love for them. Well, no more, as creator Saurabh Ghadge is here in collaboration with the denim OGs, Freakins, to introduce ‘The Pet Collection’. Together, they introduce a one-of-a-kind collection to express our profound love for our cats and dogs, perfectly capturing their essence. 

The Freakins X Saurabh collection is perfect for all pet lovers

The Freakins X Saurabh Collection 

We always thought we were the only ones who would rather spend their time with their cats and dogs but looks like we are not alone. Freakins X Saurabh collection mirrors these emotions. The ‘pawfect’ and ‘meowvalous’ collection is a tribute to cats and dogs.

The Freakins X Saurabh collection is available in the form of trendy T-shirts and hoodies to make everyday wear more comfortable and stylish. With cute dog and cat graphics, the T-shirts and hoodies also have catchy one-liners on them. A personal favourite is the t-shirt that reads “I watch and judge” with a cat suspiciously looking into the soul. Other popular one-liners include “dogs > humans” and “some kind of wonderful.”

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The Social Media Campaign 

To promote the Freakins X Saurabh Collection, the duo released a collaboration post in the form of a reel and posts. In the video, Saurabh Ghadge along with his Ourange Juice Gang, including Neel, Karan Sonawane, Shravan Kshirsagar, Sidhant Sarfare and Shubham Jadhav, dons the gorgeous Freakins X Saurabh collection. They also have some furry friends joining the team, stealing our hearts the very instant. 

The Freakins X Saurabh collection featuring Ourange Juice Gang


Along with the promotional reel, the duo also had a photo shoot to highlight individual designs in which the Ourange Juice Gang did a little show-off for their team member. Available in fabulous colours such as orange, black, white, blue, red and many others, this surely is a must-have collection. 

Know Saurabh Ghadge

A content creator, Saurabh is known for his exceptional comic timing and his hilarious observational comedy. Alongside, he is also a part of the Ourange Juice Gang, a collaborative initiative wherein they release comedy sketches and foot-tapping music numbers. Their recent release Hole Baby Hole is an absolute banger. 


Freakins is a clothing brand that exclusively deals in denim wear. From jeans to skirts to denim bodysuits, dresses and crop tops, they bring the versatility of denim to their customers.

Freakins India is popular for their influencer collaborations as they bring different collections with multiple influencers. To date, they have worked with big and small creators including Parul Gulati, Apoorva Mukhija, Aaliyah Kashyap, and Navya Nanda Naveli, among others. 

The Freakins X Saurabh collection is a total show-stopper and an absolute must-have. Not only does it cater to our fashion aesthetics but it also expresses the fondness we have for our furry friends. The added benefit is the style and the comfort it brings. BRB, we are rushing to buy them all!