Rohan Thakur and Bharti Bahrani, popular by the name “Ronnie and Barty”, are two famous content creators who got together and started working as partners in work and in life.

The husband-wife duo has a long-drawn love affair with the mountains and makes a documentary of their slow-paced life in Manali’s mountains. Travel is the truest test of love and these travel blogger couples know it way too well.

They travel around celebrating their togetherness in the most exotic destinations where they majorly focus on adventure, discovery, immersion, and inspiring others to explore!

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This popular couple travels & photographs and features their travel tips and photography. They have embarked on several journeys together and celebrated their wanderlust adventures through amazing stories and visuals.

They first made a decision to move to Manali in 2017 and started shooting hands-on travel content that showcased the values they believed in whilst living the exhilarating life of their travel shows. Ronnie & Barty is their YouTube Channel where they have bagged many subscribers.

YouTube is where the couple continues to bring a place for ‘love meets adventure‘ and these two drifters continue to make exciting blogs by documenting their travel.

In Ronnie and Barty’s case, their work has them traveling in the rough, often sleeping in camps, traveling on the go most of the time, and always thinking of how to get that perfect shot.

And their ultimate goal is to inspire others to live an adventurous life, as well as provide trip ideas and helpful tips for people with limited vacation time.

So if you are someone who loves adventures, being spontaneous, and exploring beautiful places, then you should definitely head over to their blog!