Days ahead of Independence Day, the air is filled with an undeniable sense of patriotism and communal responsibility. This year, the Robin Hood Army (RHA), an organisation propelled solely by volunteers and devoid of financial backing, is embarking on a momentous endeavour that beautifully amalgamates the essence of freedom with a resolute mission to alleviate hunger. With their latest campaign, #MissionSwades, the Robin Hood Army is setting its sights on a monumental task – to serve a staggering 10 million underprivileged individuals across 1000 villages, thereby effecting a profound change in the lives of those in dire need.

What is the Robin Hood Army?

At the heart of the Robin Hood Army (RHA) lies an army of volunteers, committed to reshaping the lives of the underprivileged, globally. This Independence Day, RHA is poised to unveil another act of benevolence, aptly named #MissionSwades, an initiative dedicated to combating the scourge of hunger that grips the rural landscapes of India, and in turn, filling the plates of those who are devoid of nourishment and sustenance.

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Decoding #MissionSwades

With #MissionSwades, the Robin Hood Army is devoting its energies to providing 10 million wholesome meals in a staggering 1000 villages. The team is steadfast in its mission to deliver not just food, but hope, to marginalised communities, with each city taking on the responsibility of aiding 2 to 5 villages within a 50-kilometre radius. The campaign is not just about providing short-term relief; it’s about forging enduring connections with rural India. This is to be achieved by constructing intricate networks dedicated to food distribution, logistics, and mobilization, ensuring a constant influx of rations from the cities to the villages on a monthly basis.

Monk Entertainment’s Alliance

Monk Entertainment, a trailblazing digital media company known for its creator first ethos in India, has forged an alliance with RHA, further bolstering the reach of #MissionSwades. This collaboration will guarantee that #MissionSwades resonates across the length and breadth of India, rallying support and volunteers from every corner of the nation.

Leveraging its expansive roster of renowned names, Monk Entertainment is standing shoulder to shoulder with the Robin Hood Army, synergising its efforts for #MissionSwades. This collective action is a clarion call for society to unite and extend a helping hand, facilitating millions of meals for the less fortunate nestled in the heart of rural India.

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#MissionSwades: A Vision Shared

Akshat Jain, at the helm of #MissionSwades in India, states, “The epicentre of hunger lies within our villages. If we aim to combat hunger on a grand scale, focusing on rural India is imperative. We’re thrilled to embrace this journey with #MissionSwades.”

Viraj Sheth’s Insights

Viraj Sheth, CEO and Co-Founder of Monk Entertainment shares his perspective on this partnership. “For Monk Entertainment, this collaboration is a heartening opportunity to serve our nation alongside the Robin Hood Army. We’re enthused to amplify the resonance of #MissionSwades to every nook and cranny of the country, raising awareness and rallying more volunteers for this noble cause. We’re deeply honoured to contribute to Robin Hood Army’s mission and serve the underprivileged.”

Seeding Change at the Grassroots

The Robin Hood Army’s aspiration is to tackle hunger at its roots, inspiring greater awareness of #MissionSwades and inviting participation from every corner of India. Together, they’re striving to bring about a seismic shift in eradicating hunger from the very heart of the nation. With unwavering commitment and the power of unity, the Robin Hood Army and its allies are setting the stage for a future where hunger is but a distant memory in the vibrant tapestry of India’s villages.