As our patriotism sours high on Independence Day, we sit back and think about our land, its diverse culture and the unity we experience through the co-existence of these traditions. We feel a sense of marvel at how India’s cultural blending is a rich and vibrant mosaic, woven with traditions that have endured the tests of time. Among these treasures is the tradition of Giddha, a centuries-old folk dance originating from Punjab. Rooted in the heart of the region, Giddha offers a window into the lives and experiences, blending rhythm, poetry, and movement in a harmonious celebration of identity. However, when we think of Giddha, we often think of women performing this traditional dance at gatherings and festivities. Today, we will speak of one such group that has not limited the dynamic cultures of India to certain areas but has given it global recognition while breaking many stereotypes and norms in its pursuit. The Lok Rang Art Group, an all-men group, revive and celebrate the Giddha tradition taking it to different corners of the world.


Breathing New Life into Tradition

In this intricate cultural narrative, the Lok Rang Noor Art group emerges as a beacon of transformation. Comprising an all-male ensemble, this group has consistently embraced the art of Giddha, culturally a dance form performed by women. Led by the dynamic Noor Zora, this group has taken on the mission of preserving, reimagining, and sharing the cultural legacy of Giddha with the world.

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Redefining Norms

Noor Zora, a multi-talented artist and educator, stands at the helm of Lok Rang Noor Art. A teacher by profession, Noor’s passion for Giddha extends far beyond his role in the classroom. Having pursued higher education in both mathematics and Punjabi literature, he embarked on a journey to revive the fading art form. His commitment and vision were underlined by his ongoing pursuit of a PhD. He has painstakingly fought battles to celebrate a tradition that lies at the heart of India’s culture.

Embracing Identity through Giddha

Embracing Giddha was not merely an artistic endeavour for Noor and his group; it was an avenue to explore the intricacies of identity. To honour his admiration for the late Pakistani singer Noor Jehan, coupled with a nod to his own family name, birthed the elegant Noor Zora. Through this expression, Noor stands as a bridge between cultures, his identity encompassing layers of tradition and personal resonance.

Growing Popularity

The Lok Rang Noor Art group’s performances have transcended stages, echoing in the hearts of audiences far and wide. Their dedication to Giddha as men challenge traditional norms, sending a powerful message that artistic expression knows no gender boundaries. Their performances ripple with the joy of breaking stereotypes, celebrating the authenticity of self-expression, and the fluidity of identity.

Backlash and Resilience

In a world that is evolving yet often resistant to change, Lok Rang Noor Art has faced both applause and adversity. The unconventional nature of their performances has garnered both praise and backlash. This brave troupe, whose members encompass students and government employees, has encountered resistance from those uncomfortable with their defiance of societal norms. They are met with derogatory comments and occasional threats, highlighting the societal challenges that lie ahead on their journey.

The Path Forward

Despite the opposition, Lok Rang Noor Art remains resolute. They represent more than just a dance group; they stand as pioneers of acceptance and self-expression. Their performances defy conventional wisdom, reminding us that culture is not a static entity but a living, breathing expression of human experience. As Lok Rang Noor Art continues to weave the threads of tradition and modernity, they serve as a testament to the power of art to unite, provoke, and inspire. Their journey offers a profound lesson, that the celebration of rich Indian culture is an ever-evolving, dynamic process that is destined to captivate the hearts of generations to come.