Raj Kundra is in the news again and this time it is not related to his case or because of his much-talked-about biopic. Raj, who is now widely recognised for his intriguing mask fashion, recently took a surprising turn in his career by performing a stand-up comedy act at an exclusive event organised for his friend Munawar Faruqui, at the Habitat. The video of Raj Kundra’s comedic debut, in which he remained masked throughout the performance as well, went viral on social media, leaving audiences in fits of laughter. However, controversy arose when former Bigg Boss contestant and social media sensation, Uorfi Javed, was mentioned in a clip from Kundra’s performance.

Raj Kundra's Comedy Debut

The Stand-Up Act

In the viral video, Raj Kundra, donning his trademark mask, ventured into the world of comedy with a set of jokes mostly about himself and his life. To set an interactive mood with his audience he asked people to leave the room for 10 minutes as he was about to crack “sexual jokes” and when nobody from the audience left, he called them “tharki.” Throughout the show, he took a dig at himself calling himself “Sasta Kanye West” and “Shilpa Ka Pati.”

Raj Kundra also indirectly cleared the air around his case and arrest by making fun of it. He narrated fun stories about wearing masks and all the speculations about it. He added how he and Uorfi are the paparazzi favourites but for different reasons, while he is known for ‘what he is wearing(hinting at his masks), she is known for not wearing.’ His unexpected foray into stand-up comedy caught many by surprise but the audience’s enthusiastic response that was evident in the video is a testament to him being good.

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The Viral Video

Soon after releasing two clips back-to-back, Raj has become an internet favourite and as usual netizens did not disappoint with a wide range of reactions. While some continued to diss his past and called his audience’s laughter fake, there were many who found him humorous and complimented his stand-up gig. Fortunately or unfortunately both good publicity and bad publicity can make one viral.

Uorfi Javed’s Reaction

Upon being mentioned in Raj Kundra’s stand-up performance, Uorfi Javed expressed her displeasure with the remarks, deeming them inappropriate. Kundra had humorously quipped on stage, “If someone has shown me love in the past 2 years, it’s the paparazzi. Because they only have two stars to focus on, me and Uorfi Javed. And the media is always keen to see what Raj Kundra will wear and what Uorfi Javed won’t.” Uorfi Javed promptly reshared the video on her own social media platform and proceeded to criticise it through her Instagram stories. Her response was sharp as she commented, on Raj Kundra’s controversy surrounding the pornography case and how he has no right to comment on her clothes. Her retort stirred up controversy while netizens picked Uorfi’s side.

Uorfi lashes out at Raj Kundra's Comedy set

Raj Kundra’s unexpected foray into stand-up comedy has generated both laughter and controversy. While his comedic debut was well-received by the audience, his remarks involving Uorfi Javed sparked criticism and a sharp response from the social media personality. This incident serves as a reminder of the thin line between humour and offence, particularly in the world of entertainment and celebrity culture.