Raunaq Rajani recently released a stand-up comedy video titled My Dad Caught Me Smoking on YouTube, and I had to include it in this piece since it made me laugh so hard. How many times have you received a fake message from your father that begins, “Must read…” or a selfie taken from an awkward angle that accentuates your parent’s double chin? So now you can understand how relatable this video is… As a result, now that we’ve established a solid basis, I’d want to tell you more about the video. So this is how Raunaq’s dad caught him smoking…

From admitting to agreeing to whatever your father says, even if you disagree, such as pronunciations, to being beaten up as a youngster and more, Raunaq takes us on a trip detailing the equation he had with his parents, daily occurrences, and finally, talking about being caught smoking. This incredibly relatable video will make you laugh out loud not just because of Raunaq’s amusing comments, but also because you will recall being in similar situations. Raunaq hits the nail on the head with this satirical performance, skillfully delighting us.

And what if I told you that instead of smoking, the fact that Raunaq didn’t like it and tossed it away was what got him beaten up by his father? If you want to learn more about how that transpired and the events that led up to it, including quirky to funny references and comebacks, watch this video right now!

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