Imagine a day when your parents aren’t at home, and you have the freedom to sleep as long as you like but you are met with a power cut! You wake up with the impression that your parents turned off the fan because you were sweating, but you quickly realise that your parents had left town this morning. Aditya Pandey’s face plastered with despair in this Filter Copy video, A Day Without Electricity,’ when he realises he is experiencing a power cut is what we are introduced with in the beginning of the video. What happens next, will Aditya be able to fall asleep again, and will the electricity be restored? Read on to find out!

From trying to avoid the sweat that power failures bring by using a hand fan or ice on the face while shouting, “Ice bete, aaj toh tune mauj kardi bete,” to contacting everyone and checking with the electricity agency for restoration inquiries, all while his phone’s battery was running low… This video is filled with drama, with scenarios following one another. My favourite part is when he thinks blackouts should happen on a regular basis to keep people away from social media, and then when it starts raining, he thinks about how he won’t be able to spend time on ClubHouse. For me, the paradox in a matter of seconds was the most amusing.

What if I told you this video concludes with a horror scene… Without offering any spoilers and in the hopes of piqueing your interest, I’ll leave the video up for you to watch right away!

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