As the nation continues to battle through the 2nd wave of Covid-19. Several organisations and individuals have come forward to help and provide assistance to those who need it. Humanity standing up for humanity is something so wholesome that it is inevitably worthy of the highest stature.

While staying at home might be the safest option for now. Many of us must have felt the urge to go out and help. While going out would come with restrictions and is not quite the safest thing to do, the latter is still possible. Yes you read it right! We can help while staying at home.


In the Prajakta Koli‘s  (aka MostlySane) latest ‘10 Questions Answered‘ video. The YouTuber throws light on the question “How You Can Help From Home“. Prajakta sits down with Saransh Goila who is a chef and Nikhil Taneja who is the co-founder and CEO of Yuvaa. The entire 16 minute video is a Q&A session about the volunteering services both Saransh and Nikhil have to offer. 

Saransh Goila who is a renowned Indian chef has started Covid Meals for India which is a volunteer program aimed to provide meals to Covid patients across the country. Currently the program has over 4000 volunteers and is spread across 310 cities.

Signing up for the program is simple. People interested can sign up at the Covid Meals For India website or simply text “Hi” on +91-8882891316 via WhatsApp where they will be then given a Simple 7 step sign up form. 
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Nikhil Taneja, is the co-founder and CEO of the organisation Yuvaa. Yuvaa (which means youth) is an organisation working towards making the world and Internet a more positive space. Yuvaa has joined the battle against Covid-19 by launching various programs.

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Their hashtag  #youthfightscovid covers the content part of the present scenario.

They have launched Yuvaa Volunteers which is a digital program and currently involves 500 youth volunteers spread across 14 regions in the county. The program aids people by finding Covid resources near them and guiding them to the same.

The program even maintains a Smile Count which is a count of the number of people the selfless volunteers have helped and brought a smile on.

Furthermore, Yuvaa also has a Doctors Program which provides tele consultation to people who need medical advice.
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Helping out is a selfless and courageous act but the scenario may take a toll on mental health. Yuvaa understands the importance of mental health and therefore even provides regular mental health consultation to all its volunteers to ease the mental load.
Anyone who wishes to join the program can send a DM on either of the following Instagram accounts:
Nikhil Taneja: @tanejamainhoon
Yuvaa: @weareyuvaa
Yuvaa Volunteers: @yuvaavolunteers

Watch the full 10 Questions Answered About How You Can Help From Home video by MostlySane here:

To everyone playing their part in helping out each other. We salute you and are proud to have you. To everyone reading this, take care, stay safe and MASK UP!