Every year on 8th October, the skies in India come alive to display the valour and unwavering commitment of the guardians of our skies. It is a day the nation gathers to celebrate the remarkable Indian Air Force and its valiant officers clad in crisp uniforms. The pride of wearing a uniform comes with its own set of responsibilities. Shruti Chauhan is one of those who wears this responsibility with grace and sophistication. An IAF officer, a beauty pageant winner, a pilot with a leading Aviation company and now a famous content creator, Shruti is truly the master of all trades. This Indian Air Force Day, we speak to Shruti about her journey, the challenges she faced and how she aims to inspire the youth through her content to fearlessly pursue uncharted territories. 

Indian Air Force Day With Shruti Chauhan

SN: Can you give us a little background about your childhood? Did you always want to join the Air Force?

Shruti: I hail from a freedom fighters family and patriotism is in my blood. We were brought up with a genuine value system in place. To see both their children (me and my brother) in Uniform was my parent’s biggest dream. And yes, I always wanted to Fly and wanted to do something uncommon, so I decided to follow my passion and joined the IAF

SN: As a woman joining the Air Force, were there any hurdles/struggles you had to face? 

Shruti: Joining and serving a combat force that is largely male-dominated brings its own challenges. There is a constant need to prove yourself, some discrimination also comes along your way now and then, but the overall purpose is so noble, that you find ways to stay motivated.

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SN: What piece of advice would you give a young girl who dreams of joining the Indian Air Force?

Shruti: Be fearless and always be confident about yourself. Future wars will be fought on hi-tech platforms. Mental strength and the ability to have a clear thought process when faced with adversity are what will hold you through. These are inbuilt traits of a woman and hence you will shine.

SN: What are the 3 words that come to your mind when you wear the uniform?

Shruti: Pride, Responsibility and Honour 

SN: Can you share one experience in your journey as an Indian Air Force pilot that will stay with you forever?

Shruti: To save the life of a course mate on critically short notice during a casualty evacuation mission was by far the most satisfying memory for me. From where we come from, camaraderie is very important.

SN: How did you kickstart your journey in content creation? 

Shruti: Social media presence got me into it. The intent was to motivate young girls to confidently hold both Boots and Heels with effortless grace. Also to tell women out there that they do not have to play second fiddle and their life will only be worth it if they realise and find a purpose they can pursue.

SN: What is the one thing that you wish to share with the youth of the nation through your content creation?

Shruti: Patriotism never goes out of fashion and to the girls out there – stop thinking and acting weak, it’s a jungle out there and only the fittest will survive. So go kick some ass if you have to but never buckle down.

Shruti Chauhan is the perfect definition of a modern woman. While being an independent woman with a soaring career, she finds time to give back to society. What really amazed us is the sense of belonging she feels towards her country and the strong roots she has embraced as a part of her value system.

Shruti’s words through her powerful interview have inspired us in more ways than we can imagine. A true role model, she has shown how no woman is weak and only needs conviction to touch the sky. Her confidence can be credited to the uniform she adorns, which brings with it a distinct charm. Seeing her in both the blues of the Air Force and Indigo swells our hearts with pride. This Indian Air Force Day, we also want to thank all those individuals who are sacrificing for our safety. We know we are in capable hands.