In recent years, South Korean culture has captivated the world, drawing widespread adoration for its K-dramas, delectable cuisine, and distinct aesthetics. The global frenzy for Korean pop culture, from music to fashion, has spurred an immense interest in India as well, enticing millions to delve into its rich cultural offerings. However, there have been reports of xenophobia and racism, especially towards Indians, emerging from South Korea that have raised concerns.

South Korea and the stories of racism towards Indians

Aline Soares

The Discrimination in South Korea

Beyond the glossy appeal of K-dramas and Korean aesthetics, lies a stark reality of discrimination that often goes unnoticed. Despite the widespread appreciation of Korean culture worldwide, discrimination against certain ethnic groups, including Indians, has been a persistent issue in South Korea.

Forms of Discrimination Faced by Indians

Indians, among other ethnicities, have encountered various forms of discrimination in South Korea. Reports detail instances where banners in clubs and cities explicitly exclude Islam and Hindus, restricting access based on appearance and nationality. 

South Korea practicesf racism towards Indians

YouTube and Instagram Insights

Recent videos on social media platforms have shed light on this issue. YouTube content, such as the Study Glows video, gathered attention by highlighting instances of racism faced by Indians in South Korea, garnering hundreds of thousands of views. 

Simultaneously, an Instagram post by Piyusha Patil, a content creator residing in Seoul, offered a nuanced perspective. Patil shared her experiences, acknowledging instances of discrimination while also highlighting the kindness and support she received from many locals.

While the Study Glows video has 600K plus views on his YouTube video, Piyusha has around 2.9 million views on her Instagram video defending the people of South Korea. However, the comment section in most of these videos is flooded with fear and concerns of people wanting to know the ground reality of the situation.

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Understanding the Discourse

These contrasting narratives bring forth a nuanced dialogue regarding discrimination in South Korea. While the Study Glows video underscores prevalent instances of racism faced by Indians and other ethnicities, Piyusha Patil’s Instagram post offers a more balanced view, emphasising the warmth and support she encountered amid challenges.

South Korea and the stories of racism towards Indians


The dichotomy between the allure of South Korean culture and the existence of discrimination underscores the complexity of societal issues within the country. It is imperative to address and confront discrimination to ensure a more welcoming environment for all individuals, fostering a society that cherishes its cultural allure while promoting inclusivity and acceptance.