EPR Iyer, the famed rapper from Kolkata, who was the runner-up in MTV Hustle released his latest track ‘Reggae Hindustan’ on June 2, 2021. This power pack track is EPR’s voice of protest raised against the injustices Indians are facing currently. The music video has already reached 61K views and 15K likes. When you listen to the song, you feel so empowered by the lines.

“My Reggae Hindustan won’t keep quiet,

So many powers seek to destroy,

Hip hop empowering my recoil,

Dipping ma pen in ink,

I bleed bleed bleed.”

You can watch ‘Reggae Hindustan’ here:

Produced by GJ Storm, EPR follows the footsteps of Bob Marleyto using reggae music as a unique vehicle for delivering messages of empowerment but also granting a powerful voice of dissent against institutional injustice & social ills. Speaking fearlessly about the current affairs of the country, the song doesn’t step back from calling a spade a spade hereby questioning our conscience, for if we’re going to turn a blind eye & a deaf ear to the things happening in our surroundings or are we at all going to speak up!” Seriously, EPR deserves a hell of a lot of respect for this!

EPR was the lyricist, and GJ Storm mixed and mastered it. It was directed by Anurag Bose, and 4422 was the production house. EPR’s tracks are always a form of protest poetry. With ‘Reggae Hindustan’ he once again touched the netizen’s hearts. This needs to be shared by his #bleedinkfamilia so that people can fight for themselves. As stated on his YouTube channel, “In the echoing eternal words of Bob Marley, ‘Get up! Stand up! Stand up for your rights!’” The rapper already made his choice, now it’s our turn!