On 13th August, 2023, yesterday, the whole country was emotional and nostalgic as they remembered one of the most iconic actresses to grace the Indian Film Industry: Sridevi. Google India celebrated the 60th birth anniversary of the late Bollywood actress with a very special doodle and an impactful influencer and brand collaboration. Sridevi forever made her mark on the film industry by charting new avenues for women to take on leading roles in Indian cinema. She will be remembered as one of the greatest Indian actors of her time.

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Born in 1963 in Tamil Nadu, Sridevi starred in nearly three hundred movies over the course of four decades of her career. “Widely considered the star of Tamil cinema at the time, Sridevi’s on-screen charisma garnered attention from the Hindi film industry as well. She made Bollywood’s sweeping dramas and comedies shine. She remains one of the only Bollywood actresses to headline blockbuster movies without a male actor in an industry that was traditionally male-dominated” said the Google Doodle description.

The stunning Google doodle was illustrated by Mumbai-based guest artist Bhumika Mukherjee (@somehipstername). The tech giant credited Bhumika for the illustration which acts as a tribute to the actress. The doodle has her dressed in the iconic blue saree from Mr. India, and her pose is from the song “Mere haathon mein…” from Chandni. The two hands with lightning emojis also hint at her performance in Naagin where she made the same gesture. “The moment I got the brief from Google, I subconsciously started humming Mere Haathon Mein Nau Nau Churiyan Hain, like the heart didn’t even have to try to get inspired because oh, well, it’s Sridevi!” exclaimed Bhumika.

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The Influencer Activation

Given how multi-talented the legendary Sridevi was, Google India collaborated with multiple influencers from various content genres to commemorate her legacy. Let’s take a look at all the amazing content our creators produced in collaboration with Google.

Komal Pandey

Komal did a walk-down through Sridevi’s iconic fashion phases and what they symbolised. The legendary actress left a mark, not only with her acting but also with her bold fashion statements. “From pioneering the trend of all-white suits to swirling on delicate chiffon sarees, her style choices became a reference point for generations. She didn’t just follow trends- she set them” wrote Komal in her homage to Sridevi.

Shehzaan and Janhavi

Shehzaan KhanJanhavi Motwani and iconic dance sequence recreations go hand-in-hand. Their latest dance performance on the hit song “Na Jaane Kaha Se” from her hit movie Chaalbaaz was a beautiful tribute to Sridevi. Captioned “Kisi ke haath na aayegi yeh ladki 😉☂️❤️,” their rendition was applause-worthy.

Mithali Palkar

Mithali is an absolute cutie. Upon seeing yesterday’s #GoogleDoodle, she took the opportunity to pay tribute to the legendary Diva by gracefully swaying to the tunes of the all-time favourite “Hawaa Hawaai.” She wrote, “Had #ASrideviMoment while dancing to one of her popular songs to express my gratitude towards her on her special day. Google’s thoughtful gesture to honour her on her birth anniversary is the most apt way to say how treasured she will always be in the hearts of millions around the globe. Your legacy lives on. Happy to be a part of this in my own small way. A Sridevi fan forever ❤️

Nancy Tyagi

A fashion blogger and stylist who has the amazing talent of creating looks and outfits from scratch, Nancy is on a 100-day challenge to create different outfits. On her 46th day, yesterday, Nancy recreated the iconic saree looks of the late actress from her popular movies. And they are stunning, to say the least!

Ankita Sahigal

Ankita creates hilarious content. On the occasion of Google India’s tribute to Sridevi, she created a comedy sketch revolving around Sridevi’s beauty and her charisma as an actress. Ankita followed her signature family relationships sketch format with her imaginary daughter, son-in-law and husband as characters, to highlight the nostalgia surrounding the star’s movies and her aura. “Sridevi ka fan kaun nahi hai Tanu beta? Google wale bhi hain. Iss liye toh doodle nikala hai,” wrote Ankita in her post.

Sucharita Tyagi

Sucharita Tyagi, the renowned film critic, took this opportunity to talk about Sridevi’s Top 5 movie performances. Her favourite picks are Chaalbaaz, Judaai, Mr. India, Lamhe and Engilsh Vinglish. She went on to explain, especially for the newer generation who may have not witnessed Sridevi’s performances, why these movies are iconic and deserve to be a part of the Top 5 from her illustrious career. This proves to be an educational and sweet tribute the late legend.

Swiggy India

Not just influencers, but even Swiggy India jumped on the chance to honour her legacy. They used her popular dialogue from the movie Mr. India “Kya khayenge? Chips, Samosa, Pastries, Chocolate?” to showcase how Swiggy also has everything you need. “Remembering Sridevi on her birth anniversary with this #GoogleDoodle and some chocolates, chips, pastries and samosas. Brb, having #ASrideviMoment” they captioned the post.

IMDb India

The film database and rating site, IMDb India, showcased Sridevi’s performances over the years along with its IMDb ratings. “Sridevi through the years, capturing our hearts…one film, one character, one song at a time 💕 Remembering this ✨ superstar ✨ on her birth anniversary with @imdb_in and taking a trip down the memory lane” they wrote.

As cinephiles and fans reminisce her presence on what would have been her 60th birthday, Sridevi’s legacy endures through her unforgettable performances and the impact she had on shaping modern Indian cinema.