Amazon Prime Video is known for its creative ad campaigns. In its latest advertising campaign, ‘Everyone’s talking Amazon Prime,’ the entertainment giant has highlighted and celebrated the platform’s diverse content. The ad campaign starts with an unconventional scene as it plunges viewers into the middle of an intense wrestling match, only to shift the focus unexpectedly as one wrestler breaks character to seek show recommendations.

Prime Video ad campaigns give the best show recommendations

Hilarious Twists and Interesting Suggestions

The ad’s narrative takes a thrilling turn as coaches, judges, officials, and even the audience eagerly jump into the ring, to offer a flurry of show recommendations. From the action drama of the Indian Police Force to the patriotic fervour of Ae Watan Mere Watan, and the thrilling stories of The Boys, the ad showcases Prime Video’s extensive entertainment options that cater to various audience preferences.

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Kaleen Bhaiya Is Back!

Amidst the chaos of show recommendation, the appearance of Kaleen Bhaiya, portrayed by the renowned Pankaj Tripathi, adds a touch of Bollywood flair. Accompanied by his trusted aide, Maqbool, Kaleen Bhaiya subtly endorses the suggestion of Mirzapur, leaving the audience in splits.

Prime Video and Kaleen Bhaiya give the best show recommendations

Behind the Scenes

The ad’s success owes much to the collaborative efforts of Manja and Prime Video’s creative teams, alongside the direction of Prakash Varma. Behind the scenes, the dedication of the stunt and the able teams shines, breathing life into the ad’s dynamic sequences and ensuring its impact.

Supported by a multi-faceted campaign across television, digital, social media, and outdoor platforms, the ad aims to immerse audiences in Prime Video’s world of entertainment, fostering engagement and conversation.

A Continuation of Impact

This latest campaign builds upon the narrative established by previous campaigns featuring Manoj Bajpayee from The Family Man, reinforcing Prime Video’s commitment to sparking dialogue and community around its content.

Sushant Sreeram, Country Director of Prime Video, India, reflects on the platform’s journey over the past seven years. He emphasises Prime Video’s dedication to delivering authentic and compelling narratives that resonate with audiences on a local and global scale.

Prime Video’s latest ad campaign is more than just a promotional effort; it’s proof of the platform’s impact on popular culture and the evolving entertainment landscape. With its innovative approach and dedication to engaging storytelling, Prime Video continues to entertaining audiences, setting new benchmarks in digital entertainment.