The leading fashion duo of Instagram Komal Pandey and Siddharth Batra revealed on July 6, 2021, about their new exclusive Instagram pagethesidkom. This is their first-ever account in which they’re going to upload content together. Both of the fashion influencers are already at the top of the creator’s ladder, but with this announcement, fans went gaga! We can’t help but be ecstatic thinking about their amazing upcoming content. Komal literally stated in her story while announcing, “TheSidKom at your nearest Instagram page very soon. It’s here. It’s happening. And no, no you’re not ready for this. SCREAMING 🔥🔥” It was funny to see her uncontrollable excitement when she tagged Batra several times in that same story. Ha-ha!

With Komal’s 1.3 million and Siddharth’s 203K followers on Instagram, we can only imagine the great heights their new page is going to reach. Already ‘thesidkom’ has gained 23.9K followers at its construction stage. 

Source: Instagram

On the day of the revelation, Batra had previously dropped a hint of the big bomb while teasing his fans in the process. He stated on his Instagram post, “NEWS: We’re revealing something BIG today 🔥 Tab tak, some “chill” photos from yesterday and a reminder to stay tuned to our stories

This power couple surely knows how to slay the ‘gram! If you want to be sneaky but crafty, all you need to observe the pair of love birds. Just look at how they are already on their way to create a full-blown page together! Everything was under the wraps and we didn’t even get a slight blink of it. I’ve to admit, together they can do wonders! Komal and Siddharth remind me of the popular quote, “Friends who slay together, stay together.” Albeit, just replace “friends” with “couple” and ta-da! Ain’t it just perfectly suitable for them? Btw, do you know about Batra’s recent YouTube channel? If not, then check out Siddharth Batra Launches his YouTube Channel.