The vast number of Instagram users is increasing day by day. So, it’s based upon the interest that someone will follow your profile and notice your posts. For this exact reason, it’s beneficial to promote your posts through ads. This will not only let people discover you, but your engagement will also get better. People who don’t follow you will start noticing you, and ads pave the way for netizens to take action and reach out to you based on interests, location, and so on.  For business accounts, this is basically a boon! Just a day ago, Instagram for Business shared a carousel on how to turn Instagram posts into ads.

You can simply follow the instructions above to transform your posts into ads. Now, let’s get into the details step-by-step the details behind turning Instagram posts into ads. Shall we?


  • First and foremost, it’s important to have either a business or creator account for you to be eligible in turning your posts into ads.
  • Having your presence established with organic reach helps in determining your success.
  • Without a particular goal, it’s advisable to not promote your post.
  • Always know your target audience.

Step 1: Selecting Posts or Story

Before promoting, you need to select your best-performing post or story that appeals to the audience. It should be according to your goal and make sure to pre-calculate the benefits you can get from it.

Step 2: Choosing Destination

The next step is to select your destination as per the goal you have set in your mind. It can be an Instagram profile,  business website, or direct messages. To make netizens understand your products, services, and portfolio most simply and easily is to lead them to your Instagram profile. The business website offers the audience brief information about your shop with events, offers, and subscriptions to the mailing list. Direct messages are a medium to get responses from potential customers for requests, appointments, and enquiries.

Step 3: Determining Audience

Thirdly, you need to determine what kind of audience you want to target. For successful promotion, your ads should reach the correct target. Instagram made it easier by allowing you to create your own audience based on gender, age, and interests. Otherwise, you can opt for an automatic audience that will target people of similar interests from your followers.

Step 4: Setting Budget & Duration

This will help in utilising your time and money. Instagram recommends $30 over 7 days for optimal results to notice people who are actively engaging with the ads. For better response, it’s advisable to run the promotion during any event, sale, or launch.

Step 5: Experimenting & Promoting Content

Don’t be rigid by promoting the same type of content every time. Be flexible and promote various content to get a better understanding of the audience’s taste. After finalising and tapping on the create promotion option, your ad will go live within 24 hours once it’s approved.

Source: Adweek

If you can follow these five steps along with the prerequisites, your chances of a favourable outcome will increase. It’s always believed that with risks and experimenting, you will get more experienced and come up with sharp strategies. Turning posts into ads is also one of those strategies that you should apply for business growth and more engagement in your content.