Podcasts are inarguably one of the best things to happen to the digital media. It is bewildering to see how something that came out a little more than two decades ago has started picking up pace in the past few years.

Today in the smartphone era, a consumer is just two clicks away from listening to a podcast.

Podcasts bear an uncanny resemblance to clothes. Just like clothes come in all shapes and sizes, podcasts do too except in the media world those are popularly known as Genres and Lengths. Essentially putting on a podcast is like putting on clothes, suiting your mood and the season of your mind.

Keeping the importance of listening in mind we have for you a few podcasts that nobody should miss listening too.

Advertising is Dead

Hosted by Varun Duggirala, co-founder and content chief at The Glitch the content of the podcast is the antonym of its title. This podcast is all about discussing the extreme change in the advertising industry “fueled by a large amount of FLUX in the content and media industries.” Cruising in with over 100 episodes this podcast is an excursus between the host and the administrators of various industries.

The Ranveer Show(TRS)

Hosted by Ranveer Allahbadia, The Ranveer Show popularly known as TRS is labelled as “India’s Smartest Podcast.” Ranveer the entrepreneurial creator who also runs the renowned YouTube channel BeerBiceps first introduced the podcast under the banner of Monk-E-Chat and later renamed it. The podcast covers a plethora of genres and even features celebrity guests, keeping the motive simple create interest and educate. This entity is a discourse from the learned to the leaning making them latter smarter.

22 Yarns with Gaurav Kapoor

Cricket in India is the only sport that comes close to being a religion. One can play the sport anywhere, all that is needed is a bat and the ball.

Between 22 Yarns honours this undying love and discusses tales from and beyond the 22 yards. Captained by Gaurav Kapur, the podcast features a wide variety of cricket journalists, analysts, players and retired cricketers who dig deep into several anecdotes. Fun, nostalgic and heart-warming this audio show is a must listen for all the die hard cricket enthusiasts.


Hosted by one of India’s most loved comedians, Zakir Khan unleashes his poetic, insightful and emotional side in this podcast. Umeed which is the Hindi word for ‘hope’ presents us with several instances both positive and negative from Zakir’s life which eventually gave him the hope(umeed) to be what he is today. Each episode is based on personal life incidents of Zakir and his guests that are then connected metaphorically into a splendid life advice. Deep and rejuvenating this show will leave you craving for more.