MUSIC is a magical experience. Only 7 notes but more than a billion melodies relating to every human emotion possible. The smile we have on our face when we listen to ‘Pehla Nasha’, that adrenaline rush while listening to ‘Sadda Haq!’, and the laughter during ‘Bhaag Bhaag DK Bose!’ is all so marvelous.

The trendy world of Internet Challenges is unarguably the most timeless content one will ever come across. Take something trendy attach the word ‘challenge’ add ‘#’before it and behold! You have just created a new challenge!
In this genre of ageless content, we found the One Word One Song Challenge. 


One Word One Song

The name itself explains the essence of this engaging game. India being the land of music and games gave birth to Antakshari. Generations have been engaging in this game since the dawn of history. Antakshari withstood the test of time but a part of it evolved and became what we now know as magnet.

The rule of this challenge is simple. One person starts singing a song while the person seated next interrupts them at any word and then they themselves start singing a song with the chosen word. This goes on till someone fails to pick a word or takes too long to sing. Simply speaking, you snooze, and you lose.

By offering us something different than the traditional “baithe baithe kya kare… ” mantra the challenge is bound to be an entertainer. So, next time when you and your friends have nothing to do One Word One Song Challenge will come to your rescue!