Every month, more than 460 million people use Pinterest to find inspiration, ideas, and items to purchase to build a life they love. Users are able to move from inspiration to action thanks to content creators, including individuals, publications, and corporations.

They are constantly working to improve their native publishing capabilities to make it simpler to create content on Pinterest. As of right now, Pinterest will combine all the features that users and content producers have grown to appreciate into a single, straightforward style called Pins.

As explained by Pinterest: “Pinterest users will now be able to access features that were previously only available to certain Pin formats or users with a business account, including links, post-publish editing, and flexible aspect ratios. All content creators will also be able to include expressive features like music, text overlay, and stickers to their Pins.”


Best of creation in one flow, accessible to all

Pinterest is now combining the content production routines of our most popular formats into a single, seamless experience, taking into account Pinterest’s unique value in curating a combination of image and video material. Previously, these tools were only available to select Pin formats or users with a business account.

Additionally, all content creators will be able to add artistic elements to their Pins, such as music, stickers, and text overlay. Users only need to “create a Pin” in order to create a video or image pin. Visit the Pinterest Help Centre to find out more about what a Pin may do.

Pinterest new feature

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Improved features to simplify creation and monetization

Pinterest is enhancing a number of tools and features that will make it simpler for Pinners and creators to edit, publish, monetize, track performance, and connect with brands they care about in addition to combining all of the greatest production elements into one straightforward flow. The following improvements will make it simpler for users to take full advantage of Pinterest’s power:

Links in all Pins: Users will be able to submit links to any images, videos, or even the live stream of Pinterest TV, which will help increase traffic and foster relationships with businesses. All users now have access to the paid partnership tool and affiliate link-enabled product tagging (for the US and the UK) as new ways to monetize their Pinterest accounts.

Flexible aspect ratios and editing: The ability to alter Pin components after publishing, such as the title, details, and links, will be available to users who create Pins utilizing flexible aspect ratios.

Performance metrics: All video Pins will now have improved stats, delivering a standard set of data to all Pin types (including views and watch time).

Pinterest video stats

To learn more about all of the changes Pinterest is rolling out globally, please visit the Pinterest Help Center.