Every month, millions of users from around the world visit Google Play to find apps and games made by businesses in India. India’s #WeArePlay campaign honors the group of people that run these companies.

Every person who develops an app or game has a unique story to share. While some have been in the tech industry since they were young children, others are newcomers. Some are located in big cities, while others are in smaller communities. They all have the passion to turn a concept into a business that has an impact on people all around the world, regardless of who they are or how different their stories are from one another.

“Now, and over the coming months, #WeArePlay India spotlights the people behind apps and games – sharing stories of how they started growing their business on Google Play. From a mental health support platform, to an enterprise transforming the Indian agricultural industry.” mentioned Google Blog, The Keyword.

Amaha Health

Dr. Amit and Neha are assisting individuals in enhancing their mental health.
The absence of early access to mental health services struck and upset Amit throughout his career in psychiatry. So, in 2016, he founded Amaha Health, and Neha, an entrepreneur with firsthand knowledge of mental illness, joined him a few years later.

Neha & Dr. Amit | Amaha Health
Image Source: Google Blog

People can join anonymous community support groups and find self-care programs with the platform, which has been downloaded more than 4.4 million times as of this writing. Additionally, if they are based in India, they can get treatment from licensed therapists and psychiatrists anytime they need it to feel and remain healthier.

Dr Amit mentions “We want to build a better solution for individuals so they can have continuous, easily accessible, evidence-based support. That’s a big driver for us”.

Vasundhara Game Studios

Through interactive games, Ronak is spreading joy to millions of people. At college, Ronak enjoyed playing multiplayer games with his buddies so much that he was motivated to create his own. He picked up programming quickly and, at the age of 17, formed Vasundhara Game Studios with software industry veterans Chirag and Somish, releasing more than 40 games.

Somish, Ronak & Chirag | Vasundhara Game Studios
Image Source: Google Blog

His main goal is to maximize fun by promoting player engagement in all of his initiatives. Car Racing on Impossible Track, one of their most well-known games, has severe tracks for wild racing.

As Next Ronak states, “Distributing our games on Google Play helps us to reach a global audience interested in mobile gaming.” Next Ronak has a lot of new games in development that he wants to share with the world.

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Language Curry

Preserving Indian languages are Aneesha, Puneet, and Vatsala. Aneesha immigrated to Canada at the age of 17, where she encountered many second-generation Indians who had trouble retaining their culture and native speech. This gave rise to the concept of Language Curry, an app that has now received over 2.3 million downloads and is used to study regional Indian languages like Sanskrit and Tamil as well as explore the vibrant culture that surrounds them.

Aneesha, Puneet & Vatsala
Image Source: Google Blog

Vatsala, one of her friends and co-founders, lost her knowledge of her own mother tongue when her family migrated to another state when she was a little girl, but Puneet also shared this love. Future plans include adding other languages, tailoring the lessons to each student’s goals, and enhancing the cultural material.

Aneesha mentions, “Our goal has always been to take India and Indian languages globally and to help promote and preserve Indian heritage”.


Indian agriculture is being transformed by Sai and Siddharth. Working on a university project to create a robot that could climb trees and gather coconuts for farmers is where Sai and Siddharth first got to know one another. Later, motivated by Sai’s own farming family company, the pair made the decision to develop solutions for the agricultural sector.

Sai & Siddharth | Bharatagri
Image Source: Google Blog

They founded BharatAgri after noticing how farmers didn’t employ scientific methods to increase yields. With more than 3.9 million downloads, the app provides weather forecasts, soil, and water testing, and other technologies to help farmers get the most out of their crops. Additionally, they have introduced a marketplace component where customers may purchase insecticides and fertilizers.

Sai mentions “What inspires us is bringing even a small change in the agricultural industry that will have the maximum impact on the Indian economy. We have the opportunity to bring a high number of people out of poverty.”

While there are many such stories, these really inspired us and made us happy. Do let us know more about such stories.