Shay Rose is not a new name for those who spend time on social media platforms like Instagram and erstwhile Indian addiction TikTok. Known for her whimsical outfit and the chaotic fashion creation process, her fame has put her on the charts. Thanks to her talent, she has entered the glamour world and has been invited to big events including movie premiers and the like.

The 23-year-old social media star, Shay Rose creates and recreates fancy outfits from scratch. From designing to sourcing the material, the entire process of creating the outfit and the final step of display and photoshoots, she does it all by herself. However, her support army is her parents who help in the photoshoot and arrangements but otherwise, she is a one-woman army. 

The biggest viral hit

Shay Rose is best known for her 12-foot-wide social distancing dress. Basically, she created her own bubble with the help of a dress that she worked on all by herself. The social distancing bubble is a beautiful pink tulle dress with a 6-foot radius. The dress is made of 350 feet of tulle and took her more than 2 months to create. She documented the entire process on Tiktok and Instagram. On Instagram alone, she posted 3 reels, 7 posts and 72 stories precisely, all about the 12-foot-wide pink tulle dress.

Shay Rose- Viral Fashion


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Other than her social distancing bubble outfit, she also got viral with her penny dress that is made out of real pennies. She used exactly 2652 pennies for the dress and believes the outfit will be her go-to choice for an event like Met Gala. Her followers on her social media accounts are in absolute awe of the dress and think of it as a Masterpiece of the fashion industry. 

All these dresses helped Shay Rose carve out a niche for herself and stand out in the crowded fashion industry. Her distinctive vision followed by her dedication and hard work helps her create one-of-a-kind outfits.

Shay Rose & Cosplay

Before creating these unique designs, Shay was known for her recreations. She would recreate outfits of Disney characters and celebrities including Lady Gaga. Her love for Cosplay started at a very young age when she did not know what cosplay really is. In 8 standard, she dressed up as a character from a novel, “The Lunar Chronicles” using old curtains and Christmas ribbons.

The thrill of not knowing how to do things got to her and she soon became a recognised member of cosplay forums who was widely appreciated for her recreations. From recreating characters from Deku and White Diamond to Disney Princesses like Belle.

The identity shift

While recreating looks, Shay Rose and her social media presence were limited to cosplay enthusiasts. Soon, with her interests expanding, her circle grew. While creating her own unique designs, she was sparking the interest of more and more people. Then came the 12-foot wide Pink tulle dress which made Shay Rose the internet sensation and her follower horizons expanded drastically.

Shay Rose was now in a dilemma of whether or not she wanted to move from cosplay to mainstream fashion. Owing to her passion for both, she made a division by bifurcating her social media account. She now has 2 accounts on Instagram. One for mainstream fashion and the other one, for a close-knit group of cosplayers. 

The secret sauce of becoming viral

The former UCLA student, Shay Rose knew the internet better than a mere coincidence. Being a GenZ, she is well-equipped for the trends and feeds the curiosity of people with her work. Her interactive way of creating the outfits really helps her connect with the audience.

Shay lays out various poles and tries different techniques to keep her audience in the loop during the entire process. She uses social media as a tool to strike more involvement of people. From helping her choose ideas for a project to help her in the design process, her audience is truly her Fam.

Shay Rose, a Content Creator, has created a mark for herself in the fashion industry with her futuristic approach to fashion. She does not limit fashion but believes in its limitless potential. Her outfits are living proof of this.