Jhanvi Bhatia, a fashion and beauty creator from Mumbai, is rapidly making her mark in the fashion industry. Bringing her passion for styling through content creation, Jhanvi is on a mission to grow herself in the realm of fashion. She combines modern silhouettes with Indian traditional elements, creating designs that resonate with her cultural roots while staying trendy and chic. In her journey of exploration and inspiration, Jhanvi Bhatia started the ‘How To Style Series’ which is both informative and interesting and the perfect guide to amp your style. 

Jhanvi Bhatia starts the How to Style series on Instagram

The ‘How to Style’ Series

Jhanvi Bhatia’s How to Style series on Instagram has garnered immense popularity, with each video averaging over 350,000 views. This series offers practical and engaging styling tips, making personal styling both informative and enjoyable for her audience. With over 361K followers on Instagram alone, Jhanvi holds influence in the fashion community. Her videos cater to a wide range of body types and fashion preferences, ensuring that everyone can find inspiration and advice suited to their needs.

Styling for Tall vs. Short Girls

In one of her popular episodes, Jhanvi addresses the unique styling needs of tall and short girls. For taller individuals, she recommends pieces that break up the length, such as high-waisted pants and cropped tops in different colour, which create a balanced silhouette. On the other hand, shorter girls are advised to opt for a monochromatic outfit to elongate their frame. Jhanvi emphasises the importance of proportion and fit, showing how strategic styling can enhance one’s natural shape.

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Skinny vs. Curvy Styling Tips

Another well-received episode focuses on styling for skinny versus curvy bodies featuring long kurtis. Jhanvi Bhatia advises skinny individuals to add volume with bold patterns and flared bottoms. She suggests curvy women highlight their upper body with a v neck-line and monochrome or structured bottoms. By choosing the right fabrics and cuts, Jhanvi demonstrates how both body types can look their best and feel comfortable in their clothes.

Pear Shaped vs. Rectangle Shaped Body Styling

Jhanvi’s expertise also extends to styling for pear-shaped and rectangle-shaped bodies. For pear-shaped individuals, she recommends emphasising the upper body with statement tops and structured jackets, while choosing A-line skirts and dresses to balance the lower half. Rectangle-shaped individuals are encouraged to create curves with peplum tops and cinched waists, adding dimension to their straight figures. Jhanvi’s tips are all about creating harmony and enhancing natural features through thoughtful styling.

Cargo Styling Inspiration

In a recent post, Jhanvi shares her love for cargo pants, providing styling inspiration for her followers. She shows how cargos can be dressed up or down, depending on the height of the person. Her concert look, featuring denim cargos paired with a chic denim top, illustrates the versatility of the denim-on-denim trend and how it is perfect for short-height individuals. Whereas, opting for a different-coloured, off-shoulder top can be the right thing to do for a tall person. Jhanvi highlights how small changes in accessories and footwear can transform the overall aesthetic of an outfit, showcasing the endless possibilities of styling.

Jhanvi Bhatia is not just a fashion creator; she is a burgeoning style icon whose innovative How to Style series is making waves on social media. Her approach to fashion is inclusive, creative, and deeply rooted in her cultural heritage. By sharing her knowledge and passion with her followers, Jhanvi is helping people of all shapes and sizes find their personal style.