Nobody Sausage is a unique Instagram page founded by Kael Cabral. What makes it stand out is the animated character in colours of pink, blue, green, purple, red, and so on. These animated characters named ‘nobody sausage’ are dancing and shaking their bodies just like people normally do in their reels. Recently, the page crossed 1 million followers on Instagram, and currently, it has increased to 1.4 million.

Here’s the founder’s grateful note on June 13, 2021:

Let’s take a look at Nobody Sausage’s 10 latest reels that has already crossed 5 million views:

1. Simple, Dimple, Pop

2. 2030 World Cup Be Like

3. Poof Be Gone

4. It’s Not A Joke Anymore

5. Burning Calories

6. Stop Being Sad Over Things You Can’t Control

7. Cardi B’s ‘Up’

8. Clap For Em’

9. When You Forget You’re A Parent

10. Trending Dance

So, these were some of the most creative reels based on the latest trends. I hope you y’all find them equally fascinating as I did. You may also like Top 10 ‘Dadi-Pota’ Reels By Naveen Singh In 2021, so give a read to it. Happy reeling!