Chhavi Mittal Hussein Actor and Co-Founder of SIT ( Shitty Ideas Trending ) is all over social media today. Not for her content, which undoubtedly is exceptional, but for her fight against breast cancer. Today she is been talked about as a survivor and a fighter.

Chhavi shared a candid picture of her from the hospital bed posting about how she is cancer-free and has been under a 6-hour long surgery, all with a smile that speaks loud and clear. The actor further added: ‘she is in a lot of pain but said that the pain reminds her of the huge battle that she just won’

She thanked and requested all her well-wishers to keep praying for her as it’s still a long road to recovery.

The actor cum creator also added that it wouldn’t have been possible without her better half Mohit Hussein for being insane, resilient, brave, patient, caring, and loving and she doesn’t want to see him in tears ever again.

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For the unknown, Chhavi runs a Youtube Chanel where she has also highlighted all her 4 phases where she narrates her battle with cancer, how she learned to settle and make peace with it, and the journey towards overcoming it.

In one of her vlogs, she mentioned how once she checked herself into a hotel to have some me time and switched off her phone to remain disconnected from others for a day. She talks further about satisfying all her needs to learn the importance of her being in a good state just not physically but also emotionally.

Sharing some more candid moments, Chhavi also shared her video grooving and ‘chilling’ on a song before her surgery. Sans doubt, she’s an inspiration to many, a mother of 2 children, that is amazing when it comes to managing her personal and professional life. She has aced all roles equally.

Chhavi penned about her being diagnosed with cancer a week ago, appreciating her breasts for helping her feed 2 kids, and feeling immensely proud of all the breast cancer survivors for being an inspiration to her.

We all wish Chhavi a speedy recovery!