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His Instagram followers might be 220k but the content creator has been ruling the Reel charts on Instagram, all thanks to his beautifully curated hilarious content. We are talking about Khushaal Pawaar – a face, and name we all recognize and are familiar with because of his trending reels amassing more than a million likes and views.

Blessed with incredible comic timing and the potential to create relatable content, Khushal plays multiple characters that everyone tends to encounter on Indian streets and mimics their style & accent. He also has a Youtube Channel – Khushaal Pawaar and has been banking on ‘shorts’ to garner more subscribers.

Khushal’s initial thought process for creating such content was to brush up on his acting skills, but his content to everyone’s surprise gained a positive response in a short span of time.

His take on recent news – ‘Wearing a mask now is not mandatory’ is an unmissable video on social media.

He made a video on Food Vlogger/ Food Vlogging –

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An actor by profession, he started his career-long back in the industry and we bring to you a quick flashback of his talents that went unnoticed and remained out of the limelight. Apart from leaving people rofl-ing fwith his comic shorts, Khushaal has been featured in various movies – Bajarani Bhaijaan, Judwaa 2, and Bhaagi 2.

He also made a recent announcement about a short film that is written and directed by him.

It wont be wrong to say that Khushaal is blessed with an amazing sense of humor, and creating funny video content was always his niche.

Have a look at, Khushaal Pawar’s first Dumbsmash Video –

For the unknown, he also shares an amazing bond with the rapper, D-evil as we see them beatboxing together.

Adding more to his talent, we also saw his interest in singing and playing guitar.

If you looking for a daily dose of laughter, Khushaal Pawaar’s social media is an apt destination for you to stop.