Superhero flicks are the most prominent part of the cinematic landscape and, Monkey Man now emerges as a promising addition to the action genre, offering a distinctive twist that has captured the attention of both fans and critics. The film, directed by Dev Patel in his directorial debut and produced by acclaimed filmmaker Jordan Peele, brings a fresh perspective to the classic ‘lone man enacts revenge’ narrative, infusing it with elements of Bollywood flair and a touch of self-deprecating humour. The film also marks the Hollywood debut of ace actor Sobhita Dulipala.

Monkey Man creates a buzz on internet

The Indian Setting

The movie draws inspiration from the legend of Hanuman, a Hindu deity depicted as a simian figure. This unique choice sets MonkeyMan apart from conventional action films, offering a fresh cultural context and a blend of intense action sequences with a touch of Indian mythology. The trailer hints at a gripping story, where Dev Patel’s character seeks vengeance against corrupt leaders, weaving a narrative that resonates with themes of John Wick but in an Indian setting.

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Acting and Directorial Debut

Monkey Man not only marks Dev Patel’s directorial debut but also has him in the lead role. The 33-year-old actor, known for his versatile performances, takes on the challenge of directing and acting in this action-packed venture. Patel’s dual role as both director and lead actor adds an extra layer of anticipation, showcasing his multifaceted talents in the filmmaking process.

Internet reacts to Monkey Man

On the other hand, after making her presence felt in successful Indian films and series, Sobhita Dulipala is all set to steal the limelight in Hollywood with her debut in Monkey Man.

A Shift in Tone

Unlike the serious overtures and darker humour often associated with the John Wick franchise, Monkey Man introduces a more lighthearted and self-deprecating sense of humour. The initial trailer features jokes and quips that provide a contrast to the intense action sequences, creating a unique blend of entertainment that appeals to a broader audience.

From Netflix to Theatrical Release

Originally slated as a Netflix project, Monkey Man underwent a significant shift in its distribution strategy. Jordan Peele, impressed by the movie during an early screening, championed for a full theatrical release. The decision to transition from a streaming platform to a theatrical release, now under Peele’s Monkeypaw Productions and distributed by Universal, speaks volumes about the film’s potential and Peele’s confidence in its cinematic impact.

Internet Reacts- A Positive Buzz

As the trailer for Monkey Man hit the internet, social media platforms erupted with positive reactions. Fans and viewers expressed their excitement for Dev Patel’s venture into the action genre, praising the film’s unique premise, cultural influences, and infusion of humour. The comments section on Monkeypawnproductions’ official page showcased comparisons to the John Wick series, with users affectionately dubbing Patel’s character as “Desi John Wick” and noting the film’s potential to redefine the action genre.

Netizens have also welcomed Sobhita Dulipala with open arms as they express their excitement to see her on-screen in a Hollywood film alongside the talented Dev Patel. To be able to witness two top-notch actors together will definitely be a cinematic paradise for all movie buffs.

Monkey Man stands as a promising addition to the action genre, blending cultural influences, humour, and a compelling narrative. With Dev Patel and Sobhita Dulipala at the helm, and the backing of Jordan Peele, the film has generated significant anticipation. The positive internet buzz further solidifies Monkey Man as a movie to watch, promising a unique and entertaining cinematic experience when it hits theatres globally on April 5, 2024.