In the ever-evolving world of fashion and beauty, there are a few individuals who manage to stand out not just for their style but for their influence and innovation. Khushnaz Ashdin Turner a.k.a Kat Diaries, is a multi-talented woman who is many things all at once: a mom of two, an entrepreneur, and an influencer. With a distinct eye for fashion and a penchant for authenticity, Khushnaz has risen to prominence as a trailblazing fashionista.

From stunning pictures to informative and engaging styling tips, Khushnaz’s content showcases her personality beautifully. Her fashion sense has inspired many of her followers. She also religiously follows a good skincare and fitness routine without breaking a sweat. A businesswoman in her own right, Turner perfectly balances her influencer career and home.

The Social Nation team had a very insightful conversation with Khushnaz on all things fashion, trends, hair care and the influencer world. Read on to know more.

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What’s Trending?

2023 fashion trends were all about crochet, barbiecore, the colour ‘red’, cargo pants, sheer clothing, denim maxi skirts and a lot more interesting stuff.

Khushnaz, according to you, which 3 fashion trends will be big in 2024?

Definitely metallics.

Maxis but maybe not the leaner maxis we saw in 2023 but more voluminous. 

Another trend that I’m very excited about is high-waisted – trousers, skirts, and more. I think this is such a fabulous silhouette and it works for everybody so yay for us! This one is here to stay.

Short shorts are making a comeback, I don’t know how I feel about this one. I’ve always been a short shorts girl but last year was all about quiet luxury and longer lengths. But yeah, they are back in every format, we saw them on Prada, Miu Miu – with a shirt or with a blazer.

What do you think will be the shaadi season’s fashion trend this year?

So, the “white dress” or the “bride dress” is here to stay in 2024. We’re going to see a lot of whites – through winter and obviously summer. If you’re a bride-to-be, there are also going to be a lot of women who are going to be wearing white at the wedding, haha. 

Shaadi trends would also be a lot of mixing and matching. I’m also seeing a lot of sustainability in terms of – if you have your mother’s dupatta, you can recreate it into an outfit. A lot of these designers are recreating some of their old pieces and making them into your own. 

I’m also seeing a lot of long veils being worn in 2023 but I think they will also be prevalent in 2024. There’s going to be a lot of muted colours, which I’m loving! It’s not going to be only “red” for the bride.

The internet is buzzing with the “coquette aesthetic”, is there a way other than hair bows to incorporate this trend in your wardrobe?

This trend is not only about hair bows, it’s about putting bows on everything. I actually did my Christmas decor with bows. So, you could incorporate bows in your home interiors. I’ve seen girls put up bows on their pens, shoes, wrists, and necks. You can use this “coquette aesthetic” trend any way that you like.

Daily Essentials

For someone who is working a corporate job, what are the 5 basic staples that are a must in her wardrobe?

I was working a corporate job for many many years. I think staples for me would be:

  • Skirts
  • Definitely a good blazer set, like a suit set
  • White shirt in variations and not just the classic style – it just looks so so chic
  • Pumps – non-negotiable
  • A good bag
  • A black dress that can be dressed up or down to work or even a night out. 

2023 saw “thrifting” as a major rage in fashion. Personally, are you a fan of thrifting?

Because we live in India, I’ve never really thrifted anything. But I’m not averse to it because I know my daughter goes to these markets where she is studying at university. If I went to Paris, I wouldn’t mind going and scouring for an old piece – like an old, classic Chanel piece that would be interesting to have. I feel we don’t have that many opportunities in the country for this as of now.

Care About Your Hair

Your profile also showcases some fun and easy hairstyles, can you share some easy hair care tips that can be followed without burning a hole in the pocket?

I feel hair care is as important as skincare. Everything is about consistency, using the right products that work for your hair, and being regimented and consistent with your hair care routine. 

Monthly spas is definitely something that everybody should do. If you can’t go to the salon, do them at home. Just take your conditioner, mask it, leave it on for 20 minutes, and steam it. There are products that are available like the L’Oreal hair mask that costs only Rs. 400 and you can mask with that and it’s fabulous. 

Obviously, invest in a good conditioner, invest in a serum. I believe your hair is your investment so going to the best hairstylist and investing in the best products is an investment in yourself.

To Be An Influencer Today

As a fashion and beauty influencer, how do you ensure your content doesn’t get lost in the cluttered niche?

So one of the biggest things is to be able to connect and resonate with your audience. The essence of any content is that you are your true self and relatable and believable. Then there is no question of getting lost in the clutter because nobody can be “You”. And like they say, “You are your own superpower”. So instead of following the trends, it’s about you doing things which are different, things that are you, and things that nobody else can do.

With virtual influencers becoming big and brands signing them, do you think they pose a threat to the influencer industry? 

I don’t think they are somebody that I need to be threatened by because, at the end of the day, a human cannot be replaced by something that is virtual, not yet. I do not see any immediate or imminent risk of us losing our jobs over somebody who is virtual. People connect to you because you are real, right? And I don’t know how much of this virtual influencer can be a real person with emotions and going through struggles – which is what people connect to – you being you. 

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We bet you’re already planning your 2024 wardrobe by now. There’s truly no one like Khushnaz but like she said, there’s also no one like YOU. “Happiness” is the best accessory you can wear. So, continue being yourself and radiating your authentic self through your fashion, the way Khushnaz does!