According to Metablog, Meta has used machine learning and AI to power all of their apps and services, including their advertising system, from the early days of News Feed in 2006. Today, they are disclosing more information about how they’re utilizing AI to enhance the effectiveness of advertisements for companies.

This information includes a first look at their AI Sandbox, which is testing generative AI capabilities for advertisers, new features in their Meta Advantage suite of ad automation tools, and more information on the infrastructure and modeling investments in AI that power all of this.

Introducing the AI Sandbox

The AI Sandbox will act as a user-testing playground for early versions of new tools and features, including generative AI-powered ad tools. In order to keep these capabilities in advertisements products simple to use, we want to learn what works for advertisers. To begin with, Meta is developing capabilities like text variety, background generation, and image outcropping to do things like to make an ad’s language more engaging or enhance certain aspects of its creation.

Text Variation: Gives advertisers the option to explore different messages for different audiences by generating numerous versions of the text to highlight the key aspects of their content.

Background Generation: Creates backdrop pictures from text inputs, enabling advertisers to experiment with different backgrounds more quickly and vary their creative materials.

Image Outcropping: Reduces the time and resources that advertisers must invest in repurposing creative materials by adjusting creative assets to meet various aspect ratios across various surfaces, such as Stories or Reels.

AI Sandbox

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Improving Meta Advantage

As of right now, advertisers will be able to benefit from AI more quickly, have more creative freedom, and track what is effective thanks to the new Meta Advantage capabilities that are being introduced by Meta. A few of these include

Switching manual campaigns to Advantage+ shopping in one click: Businesses will have the option to convert their current campaigns into Advantage+ shopping campaigns, which will enable them to rapidly and easily benefit from AI. This will be available in Ads Manager when you click on “duplicate” within an ad campaign.

Using video creative in catalog ads: Advertisers can import a catalog of goods to market them in advertising using catalog ads. Advertisers will now be able to import and deploy creative like branded movies or customer demonstration videos rather than just static product photos.

Rolling out Performance Comparisons: To further understand the beneficial performance impact of automation, advertisers can now use this new automatic report to compare their current manual sales efforts to Advantage+ shopping campaigns. Advertisers who use Advantage+ shopping campaigns are already increasingly receiving this.

Meta’s currently testing its AI Sandbox with a small group of advertisers, with expanded availability coming later this year. The updates to Advantage+ will be rolling out in Ads Manager this week.