LinkedIn has launched a new update to make life easy for content creators and make them become better LinkedIn creators.

LinkedIn has now included some new topics and post prompts to assist creators in establishing their in-app presence as part of its broader rollout of one area for creator statistics and tools, which is intended to make managing all aspects of your content in the app simpler.

Over the past few months, LinkedIn has started rolling out its new ‘Analytics and tools’ dashboard to users with Creator Mode switched on. This dashboard offers a thorough overview of content performance and the creator-specific tools at your disposal.

linkedin dashboard
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If you have Creator More active, you can access Analytics and Tools from the left side panel of the app. This will show you the performance of your content over time, topics related to your profile (which you can add to), and a complete list of the creative elements that are available to you in the app (such as LinkedIn Live, Newsletters, and CTA links).

linkedin analytics
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Despite the fact that LinkedIn has been introducing this to a restricted group of users since February, it has only lately added a new section to the Creator Mode dashboard called “Conversations Happening Now,” which features a new listing for post ideas.

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linkedin analytics & tools

As per LinkedIn, “In the Conversations happening now section, you’ll see a sample of posts that might be relevant to you and your audience. The posts that appear in this section are based on the content you have previously posted and topics your audience might be interested in. You can click on the post to review in more detail and consider reposting them with your own commentary to join the conversation.”

LinkedIn Expands Topic prompts
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The initiative is a component of LinkedIn’s larger push to encourage users to post more frequently. In addition, LinkedIn is experimenting with AI-generated post suggestions to help you think about what you might want to share to maximize engagement with your in-app audience.

The idea behind Creator Mode is to give you a way to draw attention to your skills and knowledge in your industry, but if LinkedIn does all the curation, it seems like it could enable people with less oversight and insight to become more well-known without having a thorough understanding of the market.

It gets worse if you start utilizing AI to write these opinion pieces for you, as this might result in a lot of pointless opinions being posted on LinkedIn rather than promoting true insight and appropriate interaction with real experts.

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