Collaboration is increasingly becoming the way of life for businesses. It brings a combination of creativity and fading of boundaries which results in a magical synergy. These collaborations remind us that the sum is often greater than its individual parts. The latest to come together is ‘Meta’ and ‘Amazon Mini TV.’ This unique collaboration will  give an exclusive opportunity to Creators to promote Amazon Mini Tv shows as well as be part of a few of these shows.

Amazon Mini Tv is a free video streaming service which is made available by Amazon on its shopping app as well as on Fire Tv. There are plenty of mini-series being made exclusively on this platform which are loved by the audience. To promote their shows Amazon Mini Tv has partnered with the social media leviathan Meta, which will allow many content Creators to promote upcoming Amazon Mini Shows and be a part of it as well. This opportunity can be one of a kind for these creators giving them access to a bigger platform.

Creator Promotes Amazon Mini Tv shows on meta

Born On Instagram

Creators are increasingly coming to the forefront of marketing and advertising. This is no new phenomenon to see creators, especially, on Instagram partner with brands to promote products on their personal accounts. Ranging from fashion brands to gadgets, food and beverages to new apps and tools, everything catches the public eye, when a creator promotes it. 

To cash on these public sentiments, Meta and Amazon Mini Tv have started the ‘Born On Instagram’ project. As a part of this program, selected creators will have to create content around the popular shows streaming on Amazon Mini Tv. 

These creators will be given exclusive access to the sets of the show to record the fun banter and behind-the-scenes. This will give additional footage to the fans of these series and also help in creating a stir for the show. In some cases, these creators will also be made a part of the show. 

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The first partnership

The first collaboration with a creator was done for the action series ‘Hunter- Tootega Nahi Todega’ which had big names from the industry including Suniel Shetty, Esha Deol, Barkha Bisht, Karnavir Sharma and Rahul Dev. The series was promoted by the Norwegian dance group Quickstyle who was in India for a visit. This collaboration resulted in 4 million plays on Instagram reels. 

Another famous Amazon Mini Tv Series ‘Gutar Gu’ was also promoted by many creators which resulted in 58 million plays on Instagram Reels. This is becoming a go-to strategy for shows and films to stay trending and garner more attention. 

The heads of Meta and Amazon Mini Tv extend their enthusiasm over this collaboration and are hopeful of its impact.

Aruna Daryanani, head of business, at Amazon Mini TV, said “Social media content creators have a unique ability to build a strong connection with their audiences. They have the power to build awareness on different areas, strike up discussions, and encourage engagement and Meta is at the forefront of this innovation. This presents to us an opportunity to innovate and explore new areas of synergy with budding content creators. This collaboration with Meta is a step towards harnessing such great talent whilst we entertain audiences.”

Paras Sharma, director of content and community partnerships, at Facebook India (Meta), said, “Creators are drivers of culture and inspiration, and we want them to get discovered by audiences who love their content. The partnership with Amazon Mini TV and Meta is rooted in this purpose, where Amazon miniTV unlocks new forefronts in influencer marketing through unique creator integrations. And creators, in whose success we’re invested in, get access to new audiences watching these exciting shows on Amazon Mini TV.”