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Meta has released a new promo campaign to highlight how it sees the metaverse changing the way that people connect.

The new campaign focuses on the cycling group Team Amani from East Africa, which utilizes Meta’s family of apps to stay connected amid their varying training schedules.

As shown in the 30-second mark of this video, these athletes are using what appears to be Meta’s yet-to-be-released ‘Cambria’ VR headset, which will include advanced elements to improve VR interactivity.

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But in the future, Meta’s tools will open up all new connective and participatory opportunities, and even entirely new forms of competition, which will enable all people to take part from anywhere, via fully immersive digital environments.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, explains how it will evolve beyond dead-eyed, legless avatars and basic depictions, with improvements on both fronts coming soon.

Which no doubt would certainly appear a significant opportunity in this new (virtual) reality. Meta needs to maintain enthusiasm for this future vision, while also telling people that it has no idea when any of it will actually become a reality.

That would price it beyond the reach of most people, and with no compelling reason to pay up – i.e. no must-have games or VR experiences, beyond Meta’s metaverse, which, as noted, isn’t looking great, it doesn’t seem like Cambria is going to be a big seller.

So while Meta’s metaverse may well be capable of more than this:

Meta is sinking billions into metaverse development, and it needs to keep spending in order to bring it to fruition. Eventually, shareholders will want to see where that money is going, which is why Meta is drip-feeding these future glimpses, in the hopes that it will help it maintain goodwill as it continues to spend, wrote SocialMediaToday.