According to – YouTube Creators the platform is throwing smaller channels an opportunity by expanding its access to its ‘Other Videos Your Audience Watched’ data.

YouTube first launched this update in 2020, which provides insight into the viewing habits of your audience, by showing you a listing of the videos that they watched in addition to your content over the previous seven-day period.

This update could help users to identify key trends, and plan their strategies around rising interests. It’s a handy measure taken by YouTube for users to give them broader trend knowledge which could better their strategy.

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Up till now, the feature has only been available to channels that met certain traffic thresholds, but now, YouTube is lowering those parameters to give more creators access to the data.

In addition to this, YouTube’s also looking to filter its content type – Shorts, VOD or Live. So, for those who create Shorts content in a specific niche, they may soon have more access to insight into the key trends in your category.

YouTube says that a group of randomly selected creators who have access to the ‘Community’ tab are now able to test these new tools on Android, with iOS coming soon.

YouTube’s testing some new elements for community posts, including text filters and stickers for user’s channel updates.

audience behavior insights

Finally, YouTube’s also adding another way to boost Shorts engagement, with a new chip in the mobile app that will enable users to search within Shorts clips only.

As you can see in the image given below, the new ‘Shorts’ chip in YouTube Search, will enable users to narrow down their search to Shorts specifically.

audience behavior insights

And again, with short-form video being the trend of the moment, it should be a consideration for all YouTube creators as a supplemental channel to promote users’ main YouTube presence.