According to Meta Blog, they are expanding the availability of the program to the UK, with UK users being able to apply this week. Meta Verified is a membership program that allows users to buy a blue checkmark on Facebook and Instagram.

In February, Meta launched the first phase of Meta Verified with users in Australia and New Zealand and later opened the waitlist for Meta Verified in India, with a price of ₹1,099 per month on the web and ₹1,450 per month on Android and iOS, this premium offering unlocks exclusive features and benefits to enhance your social media experience.

A month later to all this, it was made available to consumers in the US. And now it’s the UK’s turn to start purchasing blue ticks; although, as was already mentioned, the offering has undergone one important alteration since it was first made available.

Meta Verified

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Since users may also pay for post boosting, which is essentially the same thing but on a per-post basis, Meta may have chosen to withhold this part since it competes with its ad services. However, the company hasn’t given any explanation for this decision.

Some customers have already found the direct account support option to be helpful, logging on to Meta Verified to address persistent problems before letting their subscription expire a month later.

Select a profile

Go to ‘Settings’ on Instagram or Facebook. Click “Accounts Centre,” followed by “Meta Verified.” If it’s available for your account, you’ll see ‘Meta Verified available’ next to your name and profile picture.

Meta Verified creators

Set up payment

Choose your preferred method of payment for your monthly payment.

Meta payment

Verify identity

You must finish the verification process, present a government-issued photo ID, and, if possible, a selfie video, to prove your identity before being granted a Meta Verified subscription.

Verify identity

Users in the UK can purchase Meta Verified for £12 per month via iOS or Android or for £9.50 per month directly from Meta on the website (avoiding app store fees). You may check out more details here if you’re interested.