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The Accounts Center tool from Meta has received an upgrade that makes it much simpler to control users’ privacy settings on Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram from a single location.

Users will be able to check and alter their preferences without having to go to different sections of each app since the redesigned Accounts Center will consolidate all of your information from all three applications, including personal information, passwords and security, and ad preferences.

As per Meta: “For example, you can now easily make your ad topic preferences consistent for Facebook and Instagram accounts by adding those accounts to the same Accounts Center.”

Meta launches new centralized data privacy

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Although some people may view it as a risk given that all of your integrated information is listed in a single element, it’s a good approach to assist users in managing their in-app experiences and it makes much more sense to have all of this connected material in one area.

“First, we’re updating our Data about your activity from Partners’ control, which is now called Activity information from ad partners to help people easily understand how their activity sent from other websites and apps is used to power the ads they see.

Second, we’re making it easier for people to understand their options when it comes to seeing ads shown by Meta on other apps and websites. Finally, we know people want more control over the ads they see, which is why we’re exploring new ways to give people the ability to see more ads about the things that interest them, in addition to the existing option of seeing fewer ads about things that don’t interest them.”

However, the majority of users have now linked their Facebook and Instagram accounts, so the technological connection is already there. This will only make it a little bit simpler for users to control their experiences across all of them without having to delve into the settings of each app.

Along similar lines, Meta is also changing its ad controls and settings, giving them more manual control over this experience.