More than often we search for calm as we navigate the days spent relaxing after a long day at work or as we begin a busy day. Not only that, but as the week wears on, our bodies begin to need the serenity that we don’t always provide them. But it’s significant. Meditating is one way to bring calm to the body. A meditation practice employs methods to help you concentrate your awareness and attention on yourself, an idea, an item, or an activity. For years, people from different cultures have used meditation to develop their spiritual consciousness.

Simple benefits can be obtained by practicing meditation. But how do you get started? How do you know what to do exactly?

Now there are ways to do it online! Yes, online applications will help you meditate and relax!

Here are some of the applications that can help you out-


You can achieve peace, wellness, and balance by using Headspace’s daytime guided meditation and mindfulness practices. Try any of their brand-new sleep meditations, such as sleep casts with storytelling, music, or natural soundscapes, before going to bed. You may learn the fundamentals of meditation and grow on them by using the app, which creates customized schedules based on a little input from you.

There is a free trial period of 14 days. This application includes a big library of meditations and courses and is simple to use, however, it only offers a small amount of content for free before requiring a subscription.


With the help of a personal mindfulness coach, learn how to reduce stress and improve your sleep in just five minutes every day. Lynne Goldberg, a mindfulness coach, offers master courses, inspirational presentations, and guided meditations on Breethe that can assist you in navigating life’s problems and enhancing your sense of calm. You may learn how to get more restful sleep by using the app’s bedtime readings, nature sounds, and sleep music playlists.

Following a 14-day trial period, Breethe charges for use.
It works best for those who want to improve their quality of sleep and lessen their stress, agitation, and worry. Each day’s meditations only take five minutes.


An award-winning software called Calm offers breathing exercises and relaxation techniques. Even a Calm Kids section with meditations for children aged three to seventeen is included. You may know celebrities Matthew McConaughey or Jerome Flynn in the Sleep Stories area, which offers a variety of vocal talents to put you to sleep. There are new breathing techniques, mindful walking meditation, and relaxing exercises for a mindful experience you can access directly from your Apple Watch. A 7-day trial is offered by Calm. It has soothing music and is simple to use.

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If you’re an experimenter, you should probably approach your meditation routine in the same way by experimenting with various breathing intervals, session lengths, breathing cycles, and other factors. With the help of this software, you may customize every aspect of meditation, including the duration of the session and the amount of each breathing method you use.

Anyone looking for easy deep breathing exercises will love the settings for breathing workouts. Just breathe when directed. For beginners or anyone who needs a quick break, the training is simple.

What’s best? The features of this app can be used without cost at all.

The Mindfulness

The Mindfulness App offers a wide range of alternatives for both novice and experienced meditators. You can get started with a 5-day guided practice and introduction to mindfulness, and timed guided or silent meditations from 3 to 30 minutes can accommodate a hectic schedule. The app also provides customized meditation options, daily mindfulness reminders, and statistics to record in your meditation notebook.

This app has free content and introductory courses for beginners, however, it does have a premium subscription too.

Simple Habit

Daily meditation doesn’t have to feel like a difficult task to establish. This app provides a variety of 5-minute exercises to assist you in developing a regular meditation practice. This app features a growing library of meditations for any time of day, any scenario, and any objective. It was featured on Shark Tank in 2017. Most Simple Habit sessions are accessible for free. However, there is a fee involved if you want to view all of the content and download meditations. Although there are free sessions offered, full access and downloads are paid for.

Check out these applications and relax! You need it.