According to Meta for Creators, the current focus of Meta is on its upcoming Creators, with a particular emphasis on giving them more tools to expand their audiences on Facebook and Instagram.

The most recent Facebook Page updates the new endorsement notifications to support other creators, new templates to recognize top fans, restricted posts for subscribers, and other new creator-focused features.

With its new Creator Endorsement feature, creator page managers can now recommend to their fans that they follow another creator directly.

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This has worked as a way of drawing attention to relevant creators and their content that the audiences might not have otherwise known about while also assisting users in developing relationships.

To help people find new voices Meta is also experimenting with new Rising Creator alerts.

A key component of Meta’s broader recommendations drive, which pumps more content from profiles you don’t follow into your Facebook and Instagram feeds, is highlighting up-and-coming creators.

Although Meta has also noted that by the end of the year, it will double the number of recommendations in user feeds, this seems like another, less intrusive way to facilitate the same.

Facebook is also introducing new posts and Story templates, giving users another opportunity to express their gratitude to their fans in front of audience development.

Meta introduces new tools

Although this appears fairly generic, individual recognition can play a significant role in maximizing connection and developing community beyond just “followers.”

Facebook is also experimenting with new ways to give influential fans and subscribers access to exclusive posts, which will benefit your audience more.

Facebook had earlier experimented with something similar with the brand page “Top Fans,” but this new procedure is more closely aligned with creators and increases interaction with your fan base.