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Eshika Tahilramani, a social media entertainer. Dance is considered to be a passion and a source of happiness in addition to being an art form and a means of expression and Eshika continues to touch the hearts of many.

Despite her young age, Eshika is making an impact all over the world, inspiring people by simply going out of her comfort zone, and boldly sharing her amazing dance moves.

Eshika is one of the most effective artists who recognized the potential that the internet provides and used it to carve out a significant place for herself in the entertainment industry.

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Through her original dance choreographies and tutorials, she engages a global audience.

She began posting more of her dance videos and frequently experimented with her content and one day her videos unexpectedly became widely popular.

She rolled up her sleeves to turn social media into a career after becoming popular and realizing social media’s power. And she unquestionably gained fame thanks to her talent.

Eshika has slowly taken over the digital world and has bagged many followers on YouTube – Eshika Tahilramani, where she creates fun interesting out-of-the-box content.

Her content covers a wide range of Prank calls, testing viral food recipes, recreating old videos, daily blogs, movie reviews, and clothing haul.

Let’s look at a few of Eshika Tahilramani’s defining reels on Instagram dance trends that have helped us stay up to date with the newest musical fads in the online world.

Eshika X Shazeb Sheikh

Eshika X Anwita

Eshika X Rahul Matta

Enjoy yourself scrolling while you watch the dancer’s moves.