Meta is making some adjustments to Shop ads on Facebook and Instagram as part of its efforts to improve in-stream buying efficiency and promote the usage of its expanding AI ad targeting capabilities.

According to Meta, shops will allow in-app checkout, rather than sending customers to a website to make a purchase and this performs better in terms of generating user action. Because of this, Meta will no longer allow businesses to host Shops that direct customers to external websites, forcing them to run fully functional in-app stores or stop running Shop ads.

As per Meta: “To focus on bringing these Shops ads and checkout tools to more businesses, we will no longer support Shops without checkout in several markets. Businesses in these markets can continue to connect with customers through personalized ads, Reels, and business messaging.”

App Shopping for Facebook & Instagram Ads

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This year, Meta will:

  • Introduce Shops ads to thousands of new US businesses to make it easier for people to purchase directly from ads, either in our apps or on a business website
  • Move Shops ads under our Advantage portfolio, so all our ad automation tools can be found in one place
  • Make it easier for US businesses to set up a Shop with in-app checkout so people can complete a purchase on Facebook or Instagram in just a few taps; and
  • Test new Shops tools like ratings and reviews, buyer email opt-in, and dynamic product pages to give businesses more ways to connect with customers and promote their products

According to Meta, it has plans to add a number of additional capabilities to its in-stream shopping tools, including the integration of Shop advertisements into its Advantage portfolio of automated ad solutions.

Additionally, Meta will make it easier for US businesses to set up Shops with in-app checkout so customers can “complete a purchase on Facebook or Instagram in just a few taps.” Meta will also make it possible for more businesses to use Shop ads.

You can read more about Meta’s Shop ads update here.