Before 2021 bids us adieu, Facebook Messenger has taken upon itself to surprise the users with new custom features. Earlier in October, it rolled out Group Effects for video calls and rooms boasting of AR-enabled experiences. In a recent development, the platform has joined hands with four creators for custom Group effects that will be available on Messenger and Instagram video calls.

According to the Messenger official blog, Group Effects bring together creators and AR developers to innovate around AR video calling on Messenger and Instagram. Check out the fun effects below:

  • King Bach: Channel King Bach’s royal demeanor and choose between two different regal effects by nodding your head. 
  • Emma Chamberlain: In a nod to the 90s, Emma’s effect is a dual lo-fi camcorder effect , triggered by winking your eye (dropping on December 6).
  • Bella Poarch: Bella’s effect is based on her social alter egos. Choose between a sweet or spicy  effect by kissing or pursing their lips.
  • Zach King: Trick your friends and family with an effect that gives the illusion of buffering. Don’t worry…Zach will (try to) fix your connection.

Messenger collaborates with creators

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This year has been about exciting announcements from Messenger pertaining to new features including Instagram DMs, Group Effects, Soundmojis, and a new Chat Theme and strategic partnerships in order to elevate the user experience.

The official blog also talks about how the team at Facebook leveraged the hype around Stranger Things and launched new soundmojis to amplify the craze and its fandom. Tap the loudspeaker icon in the expressions menu and choose (“friends don’t lie” emoji) or (“This is a code red, I repeat a code red!” emoji), or switch up your chat theme game in Messenger or Instagram DMs to the eerie world of Stranger Things.  It was followed by the rollout of Taylor Swift’s soundmoji for her new album ‘Red’.

The features were launched taking into consideration the need to strengthen and smoothen the virtual connection space for family and friends to connect seamlessly.