Generation Z is quite the talk of the town at the moment. Their enthusiasm, their drive, and perspective are unlike that of the elder generations. They might fall but they’ll get back up with much more passion and zeal. Gayatri Sapru who’s an anthropologist and researcher on the behavior of Gen Z says, “No one can build a brand following faster than Gen Z.”  

Being born in this era gives a lot of breadth to this generation in the content creation quarter. Content creation has become a full-time source of income for a lot of people these days. Although we love how this generation not only creates content on a daily basis for their audience but also pursues their educational goals which are highly inspiring.

Here’s a glimpse of a few Gen Z content creators who are riding the success wave.

Dev Raiyani

A content creator, music composer, and artist, we can surely say Dev can do it all. His content is not only aesthetically pleasing but also quite engaging. He has composed a great bunch of official singles which has been loved and appreciated by a lot of his fans and people in general. His audience is quite invested in his life and also his mental health journey.


Taneesha Mirwani boldly talks about being Queer in India. She is a very fun-loving human being and she portrays her real self on the internet as well. Her videos on how she got into Boston University have been quite helpful to a lot of the youth aspiring the same.

Aryaki Joon

Aesthetic and Aryaki go hand in hand for sure. Someone who’s experimenting day and night with her fashion and also her social media content. Her outfit inspirations are something her audience looks up to quite a lot. The vlogs, the fashion sense, the aesthetic – we love it all.

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Agasthya Shah

A 19-year-old who passionately creates content and is building an empire of his own called #AgFam. He makes a lot of hilarious and relatable content. He is also experimenting with his dressing and how he looks which is awesome. Agasthya being very hardworking which is quite evitable, he deserves all of his success and followers.

Tarini Shah

A very enthusiastic and fashion-driven creator. We love how Tarini follows the trends but makes them more Tarini-like. This pretty girl is stealing hearts with her bewildering makeup looks and her video effects as well. Attracting a lot of brands and a meaningful following, Tarini is building a ménage of her own and we’re loving it.

Ishaan Vohra

A viral video of his results going live got Ishaan all that limelight. His content revolves around comedy and relatable videos and also the daily vlogs. Being at the early stage of content creation, Ishaan has bagged quite a number of followers and growing at a great rate.

Srishti Garg

Getting a lot of attention through her randomly funny videos, Srishti’s content is one of a kind. If you’re ever having a bad day, you can always binge-watch her videos. Knowingly or unknowingly Srishti does give out great outfit inspiration for her fans too.


The.rebel.kid, well the name suits her quite a bit. She is a rebel and she proves it to her audience again and again. She inspires the youth a lot from her fashion videos to her relatable funny ones, Apoorva leaves no chance to engage with her audience and we love the confidence.

Sakshi Shivdasani

From being the Supermodel in an MTV reality show to being a digital creator, Sakshi has done it all. We love the credence and credibility she holds. She engages with her audience in a unique yet great way.

Divija Bhasin

A friendly therapist and a Mental Health expert, Divija’s content revolves around explaining and delivering strenuous concepts in an easy and humorous way. Taking a lot of Gen Z issues into consideration she creates very meaningful content which is appreciated by all her audience.

If you think we have missed on some potential talent, please write to us.