For its 13th birthday, Instagram shared the joy by gifting new features for its audience. Meta, the parent company of the popular social media platform, introduced a set of upcoming features tailored to cater to the creative expressions of Gen Z consumers. These features are designed to enhance the experience for this young demographic, allowing them to express themselves in innovative ways.

Birthday Celebrations Made Fun 

One of the new feature is Birthdays, which enables users to inform their friends and followers about their special day. This feature aims to facilitate lively celebrations by allowing users to add stickers and confetti to their posts, creating a festive and engaging atmosphere.

New Instagram features for Gen Z


Elevating the Notes Feature 

Meta is also enhancing the Notes feature, which has already gained popularity among young users. This update includes Audio Notes and Selfie Video Notes. With Audio Notes, users can record their voice and use it as a form of a note. Selfie Video Notes take it a step further by enabling the creation of short looping videos within a Note. These videos remain visible for 24 hours, offering a dynamic and engaging way to communicate.

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More Storytelling Customisation 

Multiple Lists in Stories is another exciting addition, addressing a highly requested feature. This feature expands the options for creating lists beyond the existing Close Friends list. Users will have more customisation options for their storytelling, allowing them to share content with different groups and interests within their follower base.

Instagram brings new features for Gen Z

As Instagram continues to evolve and adapt to the preferences of its diverse user base, these new features exemplify Meta’s commitment to staying relevant and providing innovative tools for Gen Z consumers to creatively express themselves on the platform. Stay tuned for the upcoming tests of these features as Instagram enters its teenage years.