Stereotypes are silent baggage held by all irrespective of their gender. As we evolve as a society, there has been a conscious effort to talk about these burdens and to lighten them. In this journey, Lovely Sharma, a spoken word artist and a poet, has touched the heart of netizens with her “Only boys can understand this pain” viral video and rightfully so has turned into a viral sensation. The piece has travelled across various social media pages and platforms and with every passing day, more and more have voiced appreciation for the piece.

The Viral Video

Lovely Sharma, a spoken word artist, recently released a viral video that beautifully portrays the challenges faced by men in a world where traditional masculinity norms demand machismo and emotionless mechanisms. The video serves as a portrayal of the unspoken struggles of men, shedding light on their suppressed emotions and societal pressures.

In Sharma’s emotional narrative, she artfully conveys how men are expected to set aside personal struggles, regardless of a tough day, to fulfil societal roles and obligations for their families. The video strikingly highlights the unspoken truth: men are not exempt from pain, vulnerability, or the need for understanding.

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Netizens’ Acknowledgment

The heartfelt note shared by Sharma resonated deeply with viewers, sparking an outpouring of empathy and recognition for the hidden struggles men endure. Comment sections overflowed with sentiments of praise and appreciation for the unspoken pain and showcasing empathy towards men’s emotional battles.

Lovely Sharma wins the internet with Viral video on men's struggles

The video has 250K views and has been liked by more than 20K people. The comments section has also been flooded by men and boys who came forward to express their fatigue of being the ‘man of the house.’

Societal Norms and Emotional Repression

However, societal norms have long confined men within a rigid framework of masculinity, discouraging them from openly expressing their struggles. The pressure to conform to these stereotypes creates a barrier and bans men from seeking support or sharing their hardships, leading to a sense of isolation and emotional repression.

An Empathetic Society

Instead of putting individuals in boxes, we should allow for openness and flexibility in society. No task should be based on gender and no individual should be taken for granted. Instead, everybody should be given the space to be themselves and to be able to express themselves without the fear of judgement. It is only then we can truly build a happy world. 

In a viral video, Lovely Sharma talks about a empathetic world


Lovely Sharma’s words have undoubtedly touched the hearts of many, bringing to light the struggles that men face in a world where societal expectations often overshadow their emotional well-being. As the video continues to resonate with countless individuals, it ignites hope for a future where men, women and everybody else can freely express their struggles, paving the way for a more compassionate and empathetic world for all.