In the world of entertainment, few personalities have risen as swiftly and dynamically as Lilly Singh. Hailing from Canada with proud Indian roots, Singh has not only captivated audiences with her wit and charm but has also taken significant strides to champion diversity and representation. From her meteoric rise on YouTube to her successful late-night talk show, Singh’s journey has been nothing short of remarkable. Amidst her flourishing fame, she has taken on a new venture in the recent past that reflects her commitment to promoting diverse voices in literature – Lilly’s Library. With Lilly’s Library, Lilly Singh amplifies the voice of South Asian Authors who often go missing on the world map or sometimes are misrepresented. With her virtual book club, she brings unheard stories to a larger platform.

A Trailblazing Rise

Lilly Singh, also known as Superwoman in the digital realm, catapulted to stardom through her YouTube channel. Her comedy sketches and relatable content resonated with millions, earning her a dedicated fanbase. Transitioning from YouTube fame, she broke barriers by becoming the first woman of Indian and South Asian descent to host a late-night talk show, A Little Late with Lilly Singh. This move not only showcased her talents but also opened doors for underrepresented voices on mainstream television.

Lilly's Library is a virtual Book club


Diversity and Inclusion Advocate

Throughout her journey, Singh has been an advocate for diversity and inclusion. Her success story itself is a testament to the power of representation. Recognising the lack of South Asian stories and nuanced characters in mainstream media, Singh decided to take action. With her influence, she’s working to amplify voices that have long been marginalised. This commitment has culminated in her latest endeavour – Lilly’s Library.

Lilly’s Library: Where Diverse Stories Shine

Lilly’s Library, a virtual book club, is a testament to Singh’s dedication to change. With a growing collection of 411 posts and an impressive following of 115K, the platform is becoming a hub for literature enthusiasts seeking more diverse narratives. Singh’s goal is not only to spotlight South Asian authors but to create a dialogue around inclusive stories that touch the hearts of readers from all backgrounds.

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Curating Meaningful Reads

Under her book club, Singh is handpicking books that resonate with a broad audience while staying true to her South Asian heritage. The curated selections promise to be thought-provoking, entertaining, and relatable. She recognises that stories possess the power to shape perspectives, and by featuring authors whose voices have been historically underrepresented, Singh is fostering a literary movement that resonates with the masses.

A Premier Selection

Lilly Singh’s commitment to curating meaningful reads is evident in her choice of books she has made in a video where she lists 13 books by South Indian Writers that can interest the global audience. In fact, her debut recommendation of  Neel Patel’s Tell Me How To Be is a vulnerable and authentic novel that explores intricate family relationships. Singh aptly describes it as a fresh perspective on a universal theme, making it a relatable choice for readers from various walks of life.

A Legacy of Empowerment

Lilly Singh’s venture into the world of literature mirrors her mission in the entertainment industry – to uplift voices that deserve to be heard. Just as her YouTube videos and talk show segments have provided a platform for diverse stories, Lilly’s Library is extending that platform to the written word. With her track record of breaking boundaries and championing representation, it’s safe to say that her book club will continue to grow, inspiring countless readers and authors along the way.

A Promising Future

As Lilly’s Library continues to gather momentum with its growing number of posts and followers, its impact on the literary world is becoming increasingly evident. Through this venture, Lilly Singh is not just building a book club; she’s forging a community that values diverse stories and perspectives. With each post and each follower, she’s solidifying her legacy as a trailblazer who reshapes industries, challenges norms, and empowers voices that deserve to be heard.