In the realm of content creation, there have been quite a few notable creators who have stood out from the rest owing to their craft and skills. One such creator is our very own Kusha Kapila. From creating engaging videos to being consistent with her content to keeping her audiences hooked for more, she has totally aced the social media game. It takes a lot to put yourself out there in a public space, be your true authentic self and showcase your vulnerabilities, the way Kusha does. With over 3.4 Million followers on Instagram and 1 Million + subscribers on her YouTube channel, Kusha has erupted into a social media sensation. And boy, has she come a long way, with her own Mumbai home now!

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Career Trajectory

Comedy as a genre is considered to be one of the toughest and Kusha is a Queen in this game. She integrates nostalgia, social and women’s issues, brand endorsements, and relatable everyday experiences seamlessly into her content. After starting her career as a fashion editor, Kusha joined iDiva where she created and played the fictional character, Billi Masi and acted in the Types of South Delhi Girls videos along with Dolly Singh. These sketches became a major hit, catapulting her to fame and turning her into an Internet sensation. From donning various hats in the form of social media creator, comedian, YouTuber, reality show host to now an actor, Kusha is truly an inspiration to many.

Kapila has made appearances in a myriad of content formats across platforms. From starring on Netflix India‘s YouTube to their OTT shows to Amazon Prime‘s comedy reality shows to Tinder‘s Swipe Ride series. Leaving no stone unturned, since 2020, she has been making waves as an actor too! Kusha appeared in an anthology Netflix film Ghost Stories. She was then spotted in Masaba Masaba Season 2 and then in the movie Selfie. But the biggest news of all, she is set to appear on the OTT as well as big screens with her upcoming releases – Thank You For Coming and Sukhee.

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From Delhi To Mumbai

Rightly termed the “City of Dreams,” Mumbai is that place for all aspiring artists. Like many others, Kusha also decided to move her base from Delhi to this island city. And with the plethora of opportunities knocking at her door now, this turned out to be a smart and sensible move. Situated right amidst the glitz and glamour of the content and cinematic world, Kusha bought a place for herself in Mumbai earlier this year. From watching her first post in her new apartment to seeing her fully done, well-furnished home, Kusha is a beacon of success.

Her Dream Home

Let’s take a sneak peek into Kusha Kapila’s new Mumbai home which has been crafted with incredible style, aesthetic decor and old-world charm. Setting up your own home is a journey in itself and Kusha went through this tedious process with Asian PaintsBeautiful Homes Service. To her surprise, they made this entire experience so quick and efficient for her. They released a home tour video that gives a glimpse of her posh, newly-single girl apartment. From her furniture to home decor to painting needs, everything was taken care of by the Beautiful Homes Service.

Kusha, who has been busy promoting her upcoming films, has now opened the doors of her swanky new Mumbai apartment. It is as stylish and chic as it is cosy and inviting. She wanted her home to feel aesthetic, but also be functional. In the video put up by the brand on YouTube, the social media star shares her experience of choosing the right layout, furniture, and colour palette for the house. Speaking about the design process she mentioned, “It took a month or 40 days for this entire place to come together, which was very, very quick.”

House Tour Time!

When describing the feel of her Mumbai home, Kusha said, “Building a new home in a new city can be extremely daunting, especially if you don’t know where to find things in that new city. And there is a certain aesthetic you want in your home, and you want everything to be aligned and cohesive, so you can have a space that immediately screams you! But a home cannot be aesthetic only, it has to be functional also.”

Reflecting a mood of timelessness, the living area features an understated colour palette of soft browns and neutrals. The furnishings have been carefully chosen to complement the home’s white and brown colour theme. The open layout living room harmoniously balances the classical touches with modern aesthetics.

The Interiors

The wooden furniture – like the bookshelf and arms chairs – give the living room a warm, Indian aesthetic and adds to the aura of Wabi-Sabi in the space. This combined with a snug L-shaped sofa creates a comfortable space for Kusha to host her friends and family. The entire apartment depicts a beautiful minimalist aesthetic, that is neat and cosy. Next to the living space is the inviting dining area, which is also adorned with wooden and wicker furniture. The video reveals a round dinner table with lush white upholstered chairs. If you must have observed carefully, Kusha has revealed this spot a couple of times on her Instagram too, recently.

The mini-bar with mood lighting and wicker cabinet sort of brings together the Old Delhi charm to the sleek Mumbai city vibe. The clutter-free bar is indeed the focal point of the dining room. Bright white walls with wooden panelling serve as the perfect backdrop for some interesting light fixtures. The presence of aesthetic lighting and a white colour scheme inside the rooms provide continuity to the design narrative. Something that Kusha’s bedroom-cum-dressing room needs in abundance. Her mirror is lit up with an LED frame which is complemented by the all-white furniture and walls.

Well, given the comedy, lifestyle and fashion expert that she is, we can definitely say her taste is reflected in her home. The fact that Kusha Kapila made it in this city and industry goes to show how passion and dedication can really take you to great heights. We are so proud of you, Kushu!