Abhiraj Rajadhyaksha (Abhi) and Niyati Mavinkurve (Niyu) are a popular husband and wife duo running the youtube channel Abhi and Niyu. They gained popularity through their initiative #100ReasonsToLoveIndia where the couple spent 200 days travelling across India to highlight 100 reasons to celebrate our glorious country. The duo aims to make the internet a positive space by putting positive news in front of the people. Every video is aimed at spreading their core message “Following Love”. Cruising at a subscriber count of over a million the duo is rooted upon putting forth “the REAL INDIA that the mainstream media ignores” and to “make YOU INDIA POSITIVE!” because #farakpadtahai (It makes a difference).

Keeping the motive of making a difference in perspective they have now come up with a new channel Let’s Make You Rich which is a finance based channel aimed to educate viewers about handling their money.

Let’s Make You Rich is an endeavour to share the RULES, PRINCIPLES, AND IDEAS to manage your personal finance.” reads the channel description. The channel is the brainchild of Niyati Mavinkurve aka Niyu who is a qualified Chartered Accountant, an environmentalist, and passionate about MONEY. She studied in N M College of Commerce and Economics in Mumbai and went on to work with a leading start-up. However, Niyu’s destiny had other plans! Being an insatiable reader and traveler Niyu decided not to live her life from weekend to weekend and take the ultimate plunge by saying goodbye to her well-paying job. What followed was years of hustle as a freelancer, content as a writer, and as a virtual assistant to some bestselling authors worldwide. But today she is an icon inspiring everyone across the country!

In the first video of the new YouTube channel Niyu explains the Japanese concept of Kakeibo. “Kakeibo is an accounting system where you need to track your spends for each day of the month.” reads the video description, “Kakeibo pushes you to ask yourself deeper questions. And when you do that, you’ll be able to take better decisions about your money.In case you haven’t checked out the video, then watch it here and take one step closer towards successful money management.

Kakeibo – a japanese trick TO MAKE YOU RICH | Personal finance series by Abhi and Niyu