Neha Sharma, familiarly known as ‘Neha Doodles’ is a doodle artist on Instagram, and she’s a pro at illustrations and animations. Every creator makes reels in person, but she’s one of those unique people who makes reels through her marvelous doodles. On the ‘gram, she has 240K followers, 11.4K followers on Twitter, 2.8K followers on Clubhouse, and 23K followers on Facebook. She’s also there on Telegram and Snapchat

Here are Neha’s 7 recent trending doodle reels that have crossed millions of views:

1. ‘Paani Paani’ Nose Edition

Ha-ha! Isn’t this an accurate depiction of our nose’s state during winter? This reel is so well watched with the verse of ‘Paani Paani’, and has already reached 2.3 million views and 173K likes.

2. ‘Poof Be Gone’ Family Version

I can totally imagine what the family edition steps will look like on ‘Poof Be Gone’ after watching her reel. Lol. It has gained 2.2 million views and 218K likes.

3. Reeling & Illustrating on ‘Maravilha’

By mixing herself and adding doodle elements, this reel on the ‘Maravilha’ track has reached a million views and 131K likes.

4. Lizard Swaying on ‘Kiss Me More’

Neha does it so accurately that we can’t even deny it. Lizards are so annoying sliding over the wall like that, and it’s definitely something like those moves on ‘Kiss Me More’. What do you think? Well, this one has already reached a million views and 81.3K likes.

5. Mosquito Edition on ‘Levitating’

Beware of black clothes, ‘cause that attracts mosquitoes! These insects literally levitate like the lines of Dua Lipa’s ‘Levitating’. It has received a million views and 84.9K likes.

6. Moms Are Always A Call Away

Do you need your mom’s help? They’re always ready for it as the lyrics of ‘Call Me By Your Name’. This cute reel has got 3.4 million views and 248K likes.

7. ‘Brown Munde’ Feat. Street Dogs

The night is the time for the street dogs to show their swag just like ‘Brown Munde’. Well, it has garnered 1.1 million views and 64.5K likes.

If you check out Neha’s Instagram profile, you will notice around 19 reels that have jumped to million views, and that’s just in 2021 itself. She has an amazing talent, and chiseling it through the platform is making her stand out from the crowd too. Apart from doodling, she also makes cartoons. From a Chartered Accountant to a well-known artist, it has been quite a journey. Moreover, she also has her own doodle merchandise. Interesting enough? Then buy it from Neha Doodles Merch