YouTuber, influencer and Bigg Boss OTT Season 2 winner Elvish Yadav is a 26-year-old Gurugram resident who shot to fame with his YouTube Videos from 2016. After winning the reality show his popularity grew by leaps and bounds, he also bought a house in Dubai worth ₹8 crore. He now has an ‘Elvish Army‘ of 7.51 million subscribers on YouTube and 15.6 million followers on Instagram. The YouTuber has been accused of hosting raves and supplying snake venom. Elvish Yadav and 5 others have been booked by Noida Police after 20 ml of snake venom and nine venomous snakes were recovered from their possession.

According to the Noida Police FIR filed by BJP MP Maneka Gandhi’s NGO People For Animals, 5 cobras, 1 python, 1 two-headed snake, and 1 rat snake were recovered from their possession. The NGO was keeping a watch on Elvish Yadav for a long time as he used snakes and snake venom in his YouTube videos. “Then we found out that they sell snake venom,” Maneka Gandhi said. They also had information that he organised “illegal” rave parties where foreign girls were regularly invited to his Noida farmhouse.

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According to the complaint, a person from the NGO then approached Elvish Yadav and asked him to get some cobra venom. Elvish reportedly gave the details of his agent and provided his phone number. “Elvish gave us the name of one Rahul whom we contacted. He said he could organise the venom wherever we want. He then came to Sector 51 Banquet Hall with the venom. The Noida police then came to the venue along with the DFO and arrested the organisers,” the complaint said. There were five persons who brought snakes and snake venom, all of whom were taken into custody. They apparently named Elvish Yadav.

Elvish issued a statement denying all the charges and assuring cooperation with the UP Police. He said that all allegations are absolutely baseless and fake. “I will take the responsibility if even 1% of my involvement in this is proved. Media should also stay away from defaming me unless my involvement is probed.” Reacting to Maneka Gandhi’s statement against him, Elvish tweeted, “Shocked to see such people sitting on such posts. The way she is accusing me, she should be ready for apologising as well.

BJP MP Maneka Gandhi questioned Elvish Yadav that if he was not guilty, then why he was on the run. “This is a grade 1 crime, seven years in jail, a wildlife crime. King cobras die when their venom is taken out. There are very few cobras and pythons in the country. It is a crime to own them, catch them or use them. Snake venom leads to liver and kidney failure and then the brain becomes dizzy. So you feel dizzy,” said the BJP MP. She suspects a bigger racket behind this and is demanding Elvish Yadav’s immediate arrest.

Elvish Reunites With Abhishek Malhan For Temptation Island India

In other news, the Bigg Boss OTT 2 favourites Elvish and Abhishek Malhan a.k.a. Fukra Insaan are reuniting in the Indian version of the world’s biggest Dating Reality TV show ‘Temptation Island‘. After Elvish confirmed participating in the show, Abhishek joined as well. Post Bigg Boss, both influencers will be seen together in the maiden season of Temptation Island: India, starting today, November 3. Just a day ago they shared a post on Instagram captioned, “Bhaichara on TOP🫰🚀

This announcement came as a surprise to their fans as Elvish and Abhishek have been at loggerheads ever since the two were seen in Bigg Boss OTT 2. The two have been seen taking a dig at each other directly and indirectly through their videos. However, they now seem to have buried the hatchet and come together for the show. Jad Hadid, a former Bigg Boss contestant who is also on the dating show was excited to meet Abhishek again.

On being a part of the reality show, Abhishek said “I’m really excited to be a part of this interesting show. It’s all about going after what you believe in, getting to know yourself better, and creating meaningful connections. For me, it’s all about sharing the love, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Love is at the heart of it all, and I can’t wait to explore it on Temptation Island India. I truly wish my fellow YouTuber finds love in the show.

Elvish shared, “I am very excited to be a part of Temptation Island India. I like how honest this show is. When you’re in a relationship, sometimes you need to be sure about how strong your connection is and if you can trust your partner. This show helps you do that, so you can see if your partner is really the right one for you. It’s like a clear way to figure out your relationship.

The show looks like a start-studded spectacle and also has the beautiful Mouni Roy essaying the role of Queen of Hearts and the dapper Karan Kundra as its host. Temptation Island: India, will feature four couples and a group of attractive tempters where romantic relationships are put to test. The couples will be voluntarily separated and live on separate sides of a tropical island, where singles of the opposite sex tempt them to explore other options.

This experiment intends to assess their trust and loyalty towards each other while allowing the contestants to explore different connections and decide whom they should truly be with. The challenges won’t be a walk in the park, as contestants will confront various tests and trials that will reshape the dynamics of their relationships. It will be exciting to see the former Bigg Boss men try to find love in Temptation Island: India.

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Elvish Yadav’s life seems to be a whirlwind at the moment. There’s constantly so much happening with his upcoming projects and with this snake venom complaint, it seems like a bumpy time in his life. We can only wait and watch what will happen next.