Friendships, especially girl friendships are a very important part of social media, taking the centre stage. The OG girl gang- Aaliyah Kashyap, Sakshi Shivdasani and Kareema Barry, posted a recent video on the Seema, Birju and Chudail audio showing how three is always a party. These three inseparable BFFs decided to celebrate Halloween with a hilarious twist, creating a viral video that has taken the internet by storm.

Aaliyah Kashyap, Sakshi Shivdasani and Kareema Barry Viral Video

The Viral Video

Girlfriends Aaliyah Kashyap, Sakshi Shivdasani, and Kareema Barry are known for their strong friendship, and they recently decided to share a slice of their camaraderie with the world. In a viral video, the trio set on a fun adventure, bringing to life characters from the popular Seema, Birju, and Chudail audio.

Meet the Cast

Kareema Barry: In the video, Kareema Barry portrayed the character of Seema. Her acting skills shone through while the circle around the eye added to the laughter element. 

Aaliyah Kashyap: Aaliyah Kashyap took on the role of Birju, who spots the chudail first. Her character definitely added to the delight.

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Sakshi Shivdasani: The ever so funny Sakshi Shivdasani’s role as the Chudail, complete with a hilarious green face and an interesting hairstyle, was a show-stealer. 

A New Directorial Debut

The video that had everyone in splits was the directorial debut of Ida Ali, the fourth musketeer of the group. She really hit the nail while successfully capturing the essence of friendship, laughter, and Halloween in her directorial premiere. 

The Viral “Seema, Birju, and Chudail” Audio

The “Seema, Birju, and Chudail” audio track featured in the video has its own share of fame. The audio, often used for fun and humorous content, became a hit among social media users. Its catchy tunes and entertaining lyrics make it a perfect fit for creating comedic reels like the one by the trio.

Other than these three our another favourite version of the reel has been one where famous crickets from team India are used on the video. While upcoming stars Ishan Kishan and Shubhman Gill are shown as Seema and Birju respectively, Virat Kohli is given the role of Chudail. The video clips sit perfectly with audio and are a treat to watch.

Halloween Fun

The Aaliyah- Kareema- Sakshi video was released on the occasion of Halloween, adding a spooky touch to the laughter-filled content. It showcased how these friends celebrated the holiday with a viral twist, bringing the internet the much-needed joy.

Aaliyah Kashyap, Sakshi Shivdasani, and Kareema Barry’s viral Halloween video is not just about humour but also shows the beauty of strong friendships, that sticks with you through thick and thin. All these three girls are inseparable and were also seen having the best time during Aaliyah Kashyap’s engagement with Shane Gregoire.