Our newest find on the Internet: Sakshma Srivastav is a tall and petite fashion girlie who loves glamming everything around herself. After exploring multiple career paths like professional dancing, acting, and beauty pageants, Sakshma ventured into journalism. She calls herself a globetrotter who eats a lot more than one would believe. “Carpe diem” is her life’s mantra.

An Indian Television host, Sakshma is the Producer and Director of the show E Now. She conducts interviews under the K-Pop, Bollywood, and Global Celebs category. The girl is all things Korean. She recently interviewed the BTS gang and has been posting her Korea trip vlogs on her YouTube. Her Barbie Movie interview with Margot Robbie, Greta Gerwig, and America Ferrera also garnered a lot of love from her fans a.k.a cubies.

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Sakshma’s Fashion Game

Other than her conversational charm, what catches one’s eye when stalking her Instagram is her fashion aesthetic. Super cool, chic, cute girly style – all glammed up, she looks like a doll! Let us take you through some of her looks that became our favourite.

All Black Everything

Her love for black is very evident across her profile. From LBDs to casual looks, she’s got ’em all in the classic colour.

She was recently strolling through Seoul in this black athleisure yet comfy fit.

This is such a unique fit, like it’s made just for Sakshma.

We love how she styled and accessorised this black corset with the beige skater skirt.

She looks like an absolute doll in this little black dress.


This sure is her favourite trend that reflects throughout her profile. Given her petite frame, it suits her best.

Isn’t this giving fairy vibes? How cute does she look in this classic white off-shoulder dress.

One of our fave pictures of Sakshma. Doesn’t she look adorable here?

It’s giving Girl Bawse. What a sharp, killer look this is. And the colour of the fit is to die for!

Hi Barbie!

Desi Sakshma

Sakshma looks like a dream in Indian fits. It’s an amazing contrast to her cute sundress looks.

Pataka for real, right? Sakshma is a stunner in sarees.

Here, she is donning her mom’s saree. Her cubies wanted to see her in a saree and she fulfilled their wish.

This Indo-Western fit looks effortlessly beautiful on her.

Sakshma in Indian attire is such a vibe. She looks super cute exploring Jaipur in her Indian suit while meeting some cubies and doing an impromptu photoshoot.

Our desi girl is adding some pink to the pink city and looking adorable while at it.

Sakshma’s fashion inspo is for keeps. We had a great time going through her looks and hope you did too!