The Indian rapper, King launched his new single ‘Casanova’ in collaboration with music producer, Rahul Sathu, from his newly launched album ‘The Gorilla Bounce’.

The music video was directed by Yash Chabbra, featuring King, Rahul Sathu, Paula Kalini, Kiley, and Ashley. King himself, created the lyrics, performed and composed the whole song. Kingsclan Management and Kingsclan Marketing looked over the whole thing respectively. King is definitely proving his worth as an independent artist.

‘Casanova’ went #38 trending on YouTube charts with 910, 342 views! The music is also available on Spotify, Jio Saavn, and Wynk Music. It hit 107, 720 all-time streams in just two days of its release on Spotify alone! The trailer itself was trending on YouTube even before the launch of the actual music. This was already the sixth time where King’s music hit off the YouTube trending charts!

Teasing the audience with its lyrics on Instagram, King launched this “big addiction” on 15th April.

Getting fame from MTV ‘Hustle’, his thirst for more recognition became unstoppable. Arpan Kumar Chandel a.k.a King got record-breaking love for his previous album ‘Carnival’ too. ‘Tu Aake Dekhle’ from this vibrant album is still trending on reels. People are absolutely hooked with his music and getting viral is just a norm for him now!

Fans are getting gaga over his songs and looking forward to more hits! With 10.9 million subscribers on YouTube, King is all pumped up for his upcoming single for ‘The Gorilla Bounce’. Till then, fans can only wait and make reels on his latest songs.