As the second wave of COVID-19 continues to grip the nation. The Internet saw cries of people in need. Many influencers across various social media platforms took matters in their hands to help the needy by finding the right Covid resources. Today if you go on any of these apps you will be just 2 seconds away from a help assist/resources post.

In view of the current situation two of the largest platforms Twitter and Instagram decided to take the reins in their hand and be of help on an official scale.

Twitter India recently in one of the tweets announced that they are dedicating a hashtag #Covid19IndiaHelp solely for the purpose of finding the right Covid 19 resources. They even encouraged the users to use the hashtag so that the needy can find what they need.

Instagram too was not far behind. By recognizing various influencers posting information about Covid resources, the app’s official page put out a dedicated story for amplification of resources to help anyone in need.

The app even put out a link for latest Covid updates: